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Dirt Bike Gear. What do you need to wear when riding your dirt bike? It is a question that many riders ask themselves. The answer varies depending on what kind of riding you are going to be doing. For instance, if you are planning on racing or performing tricks, you will need some protective gear. Therefore, this expert guide will discuss the best gear for dirt biking.

dirt bike gear

What Gear Do Pro Motocross Riders Wear?

There are two main categories of gear for dirt bike riding:

  • One is essential protection, which includes helmets, chest protectors, gloves, boots, and tires.
  • The secondary category is what you wear to best perform the various tasks on your ride. This includes elbow pads, neck braces, knee braces, goggles, jerseys, and pants.

Dirt Bike Helmets

Dirt bike helmets are protecting the rider’s head from crashes and fall and are designed to allowing you more maneuverability while riding.

They also feature significantly less padding on the inside than regular helmets, because they need to remain lightweight as possible for best-quality performance when racing.

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dirt bike helmets

Dirt Bike Goggles

Dirt bike goggles have two lenses. One on top of the other, and fog-free thick plastic lenses, that protect your face from bugs or debris as well as hazardous terrain.

In addition, some dirt bike goggles offer specialized features like anti-fogging technology, eye protection against UV rays, tear-resistant interior foam padding to cushion the impact. Furthermore, others also come with an integrated headband, so they can be worn securely even under helmets.

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dirt bike goggles

Dirt Bike Chest Protectors

Dirt bike chest protectors protect the rider’s upper torso. These are usually separate pieces of gear, but some types must be worn in tandem for maximum protection against injury. Chest protectors come with either a backplate or spine pad to help disperse impacts across different areas.

They also feature shoulder guards to avoid injuries caused by people pushing into you as they fall off their bikes.

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dirt bike chest protectors

Dirt Bike Gloves

Dirt bike gloves are an important piece of gear that protects your hands from injury in the event of a crash.

However, most people wear them over their regular riding gloves for extra protection, but they can also be worn alone depending on personal preference.

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dirt bike gloves

Dirt Bike Pants

Dirt bike pants are a type of motorcycle protective gear, that covers the top part of your legs and butt. They protect you in case you get thrown off or crash during riding, as well as from bugs and dirt while on the trail.

Therefore, it is suggested by many riders to wear them over other clothes, so they don’t shred when biker falls due to friction with their skin and clothing. Different models vary in protection against spills.

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dirt bike pants

Dirt Bike Boots

Dirt bike boots are footwear worn for protection during motorcycle riding. The design of dirt bike boots is specialized to protect the ankles and lower leg from injury.

Above all, dirt bike boots come with hard soles, heel guards, reinforced toe caps, and ankle support. Boots can also be made waterproof to guard against water splashes.

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dirt bike boots

Dirt Bike Elbow Pads

Dirt bike elbow pads are designed with thick padding and open-cell foam, that absorbs shock in case of an accident or crash.

They also come with a sealed elastic strap at the back to keep them securely fastened around your arm without slipping off while riding as well as strategically placed mesh paneling.

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dirt bike elbow pads

Dirt Bike Neck Braces

Dirt bike neck braces are designed to protect a rider’s neck in the event of an accident. They offer open-cell foam and thick padding at the back to help absorb shock when you fall off your dirt motorcycle. In addition, the padding is helping to minimize spinal injuries, that can happen as a result of sudden impacts.

The straps come with quick-release buckles so they can be easily removed, or loosened quickly if needed while riding on bumpy terrain where it would get uncomfortable.

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neck braces

Dirt Bike Knee Braces

Dirt bike knee braces are worn on the knees to help prevent injury and discomfort. Knee braces are not only helpful for racers, they can also be worn by beginners to protect from injury.

However, some common materials that dirt bike knee braces are made from include: neoprene, nylon, or ballistic nylon. Some also have protective padding underneath to provide extra protection for more intense riding sessions.

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knee braces

Dirt Bike Jerseys

Dirt bike jerseys are a type of shirt made of cotton or synthetic materials such as polyester. It has long sleeves and often comes with an attached hoodie.

For instance, dirt bike jerseys also include pockets in the front for storage purposes where you can put your sunglasses or other items in.

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Dirt Bike Tires

Dirt bike tires are similar to those of a motorcycle but they’re typically wider and have knobbier treads. They do not need tubes like a bicycle because the dirt will provide some cushioning for your ride, making them more durable as well.

After that, the best thing about these is that you can get them in either regular or ribbed versions depending on what kind of terrain you’ll be riding on most often.

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What Is The Best Motocross Brand?

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing any gear is what brand you are going with. Some brands offer quality products, while others do not. In conclusion, some of our favorite brands for dirt bike gear include:

In addition, these companies have a reputation for producing high-quality apparel items. As well as providing excellent customer service in case something goes wrong with your order.

dirt bike reliable brand

How Much Is Full Motocross Gear?

A full set of dirt bike gear is going to be anywhere from $200-500 which includes boots, goggles or glasses, gloves, and a jersey top with pants. Similarly, when purchasing a new dirt bike helmet, it will come with everything you need except pants and gloves. However, that is an option if you do not want to purchase them separately.

Motocross Gear On A Budget

It is possible to purchase pieces separately if you are having trouble affording a full set of gear. Gear will wear out over time, so if you are on a tight budget, opt for buying quality products. In order words, this means purchasing new or gently used top brands rather than cheaper knock-offs from lesser-known companies.

In conclusion, keep an eye out for specials during all major holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Father’s Day, and Black Friday. Dirt bike shops often will have sales with discounts up to 50% off.

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