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Dirt Bike Gloves. With your hands being one of the three areas of your body that is constantly in contact with your bike, it should be one of the areas that you protect the most. Purchasing dirt bike riding gloves is one of the most important pieces of your kit you have to buy, to ensure that your hands are kept in good riding condition. We have created a guide on the best gloves for dirt bike riding to buy, how to clean them, and further steps you can take to ensure you do not get blisters whilst riding.

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What Are The Best Dirt Bike Gloves?

With a large variety on the market, it can be daunting to know which are the best. Most consider the Fox Racing gloves to be the best on the market. Although they are more expensive than their competitors. The Men’s Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves have been a favorite for bikers for multiple years. They feature compression molding technology to ensure a tight fit, as well as additional padding to ensure safety.

If you are looking for a pair of good-quality dirt bike or motocross gloves for your child to wear, the Fox Clothing Dirtpaw Youth Gloves are the best to buy. These gloves have extra padding to allow for maximum protection to children’s palms. Whilst also containing lycra to ensure maximum mobility.

What Should I Look For In Gloves for Dirt sports?

When you’re riding off-road in dual-sport, enduro, or motocross, there’re four key places of contact: your ass, your hands, your inner leg, and your feet. Every part of these points ought to be fully protected, and also offer you a great grip. Of all these contact points, your feet and your hands are the most important.

Your hands play a key role when cycling. The hands are not only responsible for braking and acceleration, but they also offer you a grip on your bike. The grip is even more important when riding in rough terrain while you catch the colossal air. And with the best dirt bike gloves, you can achieve this. Choosing the right pair should be able to prevent the bad weather from preventing you from enjoying a nice riding experience.

That said, let’s review the best 5 dirt bike mitts; we’ll talk about their prices, materials, sizes, and pros and cons.

#1. Fox Dirtpaw Motocross Gloves

This pair has been among one of the favorite gears among all off-road enthusiasts, even though it is specifically used for motocross. With a little as $20, you can have these and you’ll reap the benefit of having hassle-free rides.

Aside from that, these gears are simple yet they’re still effective. In a closer look, these are made from textile material with rubberized areas to increase protection and grip. In addition, this model features a one-point Velcro and well-built knuckle strap closure. Also, they come with a wide palm area covered with suede for extra protection.

Between the glove’s face, every finger comes with spandex that enhances movement. One of the distinctive features of this gear is Cordura, which is a branded material, for flexibility, puncture resistance, and durability.


Offer secure fit hence enjoyable riding experience

Design from high-quality material that lasts

Knuckle offer trail-ready coverage

Good for the price


The size runs small

#2. Fly Racing Lite MX Gloves

Secondly, these budget-friendly hands’ gears are another motocross pair that offers you an exceptional cycling experience. Flying Racing is a reputable brand that has always unleashed distinct products with have always gotten entire worldwide. With model is reliable, durable, and highly-performance.

This pair is a competitor of the previous set. It comes with almost similar features, but with a faux suede in the palm, spandex panels, and a lightweight design. Aside from, that, it features a one-point closure. When these gloves are on your hand, you’ll indeed understand the working principle. Before anything, you put weight and comfort as a consideration when buying the best dirt bike mitts.

This set also has included windproofing to be useful during cooler days. Getting wind-resistance gloves is a greater thing than that cheap and low-quality one.


Offer you great comfort during your entire riding session

The pair is affordable and of good quality

This gear will stand the test of time

Lightweight and comfortable


Could be better with different colors

#3. Fox Legion Dirt Bike Gloves

Whenever you are taking a ride during any cold season, you can always wear Fox Legion Dirt gloves. If you need heavy-duty gear, this brand is a great choice. It is made from fleece materials to keep you entirely warm and comfortable at all times. The double-layer palm will keep you feeling much of a rider and is always durable. Ideally, it features a conductive thread that enables you to operate your smartphone and other digital technologies.

Though it is not waterproof it remains to be one of the best weather-resistant wears out in the market. Since it is heavy-duty, it offers you more protection to prevent any blisters and keeps you safer at all times. There are three sizes available which include XL, 3XL, and 4XL. It costs up to $26.95 US making it more affordable for everyone.


Available in various color options to choose from.

Has a hook and loop closure for a secure fit.

Warm to keep you comfortable throughout cold periods.

Made from quality materials that last long.


Not waterproof

#4. Troy Lee Air Gloves

For any motocross rider at any place, you wouldn’t afford to miss Troy Lee air gloves. It features a little fabric that keeps you feeling good while protecting you from any debris or roost. With the two-way stretch spandex body, it provides you with so much flexibility and comfortability as you desire. The TBR ribbing is well-positioned to offer you more protection at all times. Additionally, it has a thin light design meaning that you can never feel its weight in your arms.

They are available in a wide range of colors to allow you to choose the one that you desire the most. Also, it is available in SM, MD, LG, XL, and 2X sizes. Here, it can be worn by kids, teens, or adults. It got you covered to keep you warm throughout your riding session. Their prices range from $31-$32 depending on the size.


Has laser perforated holes to enhance breathability.

The micro-mesh all over aids in ventilation purposes.

Offers you a firmer grip with the silicone print.

Ensures a perfect fit with the Velcro closure.


Pricier compared to Fox Legion brand

#5. Klim Mojave Gloves

If you are riding in the heat, Klim Mojave gloves are all you need to meet all your dirt needs as you ride. Featuring a hard-core design means that it can withstand several usages without wearing off. If you prefer riding during warm weather, then this is a great choice for you since it protects you against any odds. Moreover, it is well designed to keep you feeling even during the cold days for a more comfortable ride.

With the touch screen capabilities, you can easily operate your smartphone without removing these gears. Better still, it features highly breathable stretch fabric to ensure a free flow of air to avoid sweating during hot days. On the other hand, the Velcro closure assures you a perfect fit to prevent these gloves from getting off during your riding operations. They are available in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes to suit different persons. Also, it costs up to $64.99 for anyone who needs to purchase them.


The increased areas of perforation improve ventilation.

Made lightweight for use during warm weather days.

Designed from strong and durable leather materials.

Has a comfort foam to keep you feeling comfy.


Only available in a grey color

Not warm enough for the cold periods.

So which one to choose?

You can now take your riding operations to a much-experienced level by choosing any of the brands above. They are well designed to keep you feeling much comfortable as your ride. Also, they are made to keep you warm even during cold weather days. From our list, we are assured you will find your favorite pair that will suit your needs in the best manner whatsoever. They are equipped with a wide range of features that are distinguishable making it easier for you to make a choice. You are assured of the best results and you will never regret it choosing from the list above. Go ahead and make your choice for a more comfortable ride.

Avoid blisters from riding

The four numbers of preventative measures you can take to not get blisters are:

  1. Purchasing good quality, form-fitting pair of gloves.
  2. Make sure the material are water resistant and at the same time comfortable to wear for the rider.
  3. Also make sure they are breathable for the hands of the rider.
  4. Purchasing palm protectors is a further level of protection you can take to safeguard against blisters. Before putting them on, make sure that your hands are completely dry.
  5. If for very competitive purposes make sure they are lightweight.
  6. Applying baby powder or tape to your hands will reduce any friction you will experience whilst riding.
  7. Finally, make sure that you do not grip the handlebars too tightly. This will also reduce the amount of friction your hands experience whilst riding motocross.

If there are no motocross or gloves specifically designed for dirt bike riders then you could have a look for Fox Racing Bomber Glove. This MX brand is always a solid buy.

Click on the video below to see how to ride and avoid blisters:

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the most inexpensive elements of your kit will be your gloves. Usually averaging between $15 to $60 for a pair of adult ones, and for children being as affordable as $10. You will be able to purchase yourself or your child that is within your budget.

Can You Wash Gloves to Dirt Bikes, Motocross and MX?

You can simply add your gloves to your washing machine on a cold wash and a gentle cycle. Before putting them into the washing machine, make sure that you have closed any velcro openings. This just ensures that the velcro does not get caught on any other garments in the wash and that they will not get damaged.

It is important to note that most riders opt to allow their gloves to air dry rather than putting them into a tumble dryer. This will minimize the risk of the gloves being shrunk in the dryer, or receiving any heat-related damage to the material.

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In Conclusion

We hope we have helped you find the best gloves for you and informed you on how to clean them. Remember to purchase a pair of dirt bike gloves either for yourself or your child to ensure that neither of you gets blisters and your hands stay in a good riding condition. Discover a world of dirt bike gears and accessories to enhance your off-road adventures Read More.

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If you have any comments on this article whether that be on the perfect pair of gloves, suited for fly racing, exclusive offers, who got the best selection, and so on then please comment below!

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