Motorcycle Helmets

In this article, you will get an overview of resources that will make your decision on which model your next motorcycle should be easier.

Guide to Choosing a New Motorcycle Helmet

Selecting the right motorcycle helmet is crucial for ensuring safety, comfort, and optimal riding experience. Here’s a comprehensive and detailed set of guidelines that outline the critical factors to consider:

  1. Safety Standards and Certification:

    • Ensure the helmet meets established safety standards such as DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation), ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), or SNELL.
    • Look for the certification sticker on the back or inside of the helmet.
  2. Fit and Size:

    • Measure your head circumference to determine the right size.
    • The helmet should fit snugly but comfortably. There shouldn’t be any pressure points.
    • Try on different shapes, as helmets can be round oval, intermediate oval, or long oval.
  3. Material and Construction:

    • Common materials include polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, and carbon fiber.
    • Each material has its own advantages in terms of weight, durability, and price.
  4. Ventilation:

    • Proper ventilation ensures comfort, especially during long rides or in hot weather.
    • Look for helmets with adjustable vents to regulate airflow.
  5. Visibility:

    • Ensure the helmet provides a clear field of vision.
    • Consider helmets with anti-fog visors or pinlock systems.
    • Tinted visors can be useful for sunny days but ensure you have a clear visor for nighttime.
  6. Noise Reduction:

    • Some helmets are designed to reduce wind and road noise, which can be beneficial for long rides.
  7. Liner and Padding:

    • The interior should be comfortable and preferably made of moisture-wicking material.
    • Check if the liner is removable and washable.
  8. Retention System:

    • The most common system is the D-ring, but there are also quick-release buckles.
    • Ensure the chin strap is adjustable and comfortable.
  9. Style and Aesthetics:

    • While safety and comfort are paramount, choose a design that reflects your personal style.
    • Consider graphics, colors, and overall aesthetics.
  10. Additional Features:

  • Some helmets come with integrated Bluetooth systems, sun visors, or even rearview cameras.
  • Determine which features are essential for your riding experience.
  1. Price and Warranty:
  • Set a budget but remember that safety and comfort shouldn’t be compromised.
  • Check if the helmet comes with a warranty or any after-sales service.

In conclusion, when choosing a new motorcycle helmet, prioritize safety and comfort. Take the time to try on multiple options, and don’t hesitate to ask for expert advice. Your helmet is a vital piece of gear, so invest wisely. Safe riding!