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Dirt Bike Boots. This may seem like an afterthought, but they are a vital piece of gear that every rider should have. If you’re looking for dirt bike boots, don’t be fooled by the low prices. If your riding is more intense and aggressive, then it pays to invest in good quality gear that will last.

You might have seen some less expensive models at first glance, but these are made from cheaper materials and not meant to endure heavy use or abrasions on tough terrain. The boots come with protection against injuries as well as heat and exhaust pipes, which can cause serious burns. This expert guide gives you all the insight on the best dirt bike boots out here.

dirt bike boots

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Boots?

Depending on your budget, there are three motocross boot pricing classes. You can procure entry-level, mid-range, and high-end motocross boots. Here are some of the best available in each price range:


These boots offer the highest levels of protection and padding within the entry-level class. Fox Comp boots have several pro-level features, such as Activelock straps. Additionally, the Comp boots have a large top diameter that allows riders to wear them comfortably even if they have large calves.


Tech 7 Motocross boots feature an anatomically profiled design that offers ideal comfort, flexibility, and protection. These boots have a microfiber design that makes them resistant to water and abrasion. The boots’ toe box also has an ergonomic design that making baking and gear shifting easier.


The latest Fox Instinct boots, released in 2021, provide cutting-edge features that enhance a rider’s intuitive bike control and provide top-of-the-line protection. The Fox Instinct boots also have outstanding durability and grip due to the special Duratec rubber compound used in the boots’ development.

Best Dirt Bike Boots For Kids

When it comes to dirt biking, kids need the right boots to keep them safe and comfortable. The best dirt bike boots for kids are specially designed to fit their smaller feet and provide protection. These boots have strong materials to shield their feet and ankles from rocks and falls. They also have special soles that give a good grip on the footpegs. Plus, they’re easy to put on and take off, which is great for little riders. So, if your child loves dirt biking, make sure they have the best boots to keep them safe and having fun. Explore more on Best Dirt Bike Boots For Wide Feet, Best Dirt Bike Boots For Trail Riding.

Are Dirt Bike Boots Necessary?

In short, yes. Dirt Bike Boots protect your ankle if you get caught between the ground and footpeg. They are also protecting your lower leg from engine heat and hot exhaust pipes. They are an essential piece of gear that every rider should own and utilize.

What Size Dirt Bike Boots Should I Get?

The best way to figure out what size you need is by measuring your foot. You can do this by using a ruler and measure the length from heel to toe. Once you have these measurements, head over here to determine which shoe sizes correspond with them.

How Do I Choose The Right Dirt Bike Boots?

The material used to create a dirt biking boot can significantly affect the quality and protection level of the product. Buying cheap plastic-armored boots provides you with minimal protection, particularly during accidents. Instead, it would be best to buy steel-armored motocross boots that offer protection from abrasion and are also breathable

The ankle joint needs adequate protection during motocross racing. Quality boots should have sufficient interior padding for this joint to protect against ankle injuries. If your boots have a round bulky toe section, changing gears may prove to be a daunting task, especially if you love shifting gears by slipping your toes underneath the gear lever. Motocross boots that have a slim toe box alleviate this issue and provide you with smoother gear changes.

Boots with a well-developed buckle system can work efficiently even when the buckles are full of mud. Most modern motocross boots come with an adjustable memory setting whereby the buckle stays at one adjustment setting, which you can use every time you wear them. Alloy buckles are typically a better alternative to plastic-made buckles.

Since not all riders have the same level of expertise, manufacturers produce various boots that care for the needs of beginner, intermediate and expert riders. Choosing boots that fit your rider’s expertise level ensures you have comfortable motocross boots that make riding more enjoyable. Many people wonder if dirt bike boots are waterproof. The truth is that some motocross boots are waterproof, whereas others aren’t. Waterproof dirt boots tend to have a higher price tag than conventional motocross boots but make the riding experience less soggy for you.

Dirt bike boots are essential accessory of dirt bike. You can visit the following link to read more about dirt bike gear and accessories: Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories


How Tall Are Dirt Bike Boots?

Dirt bike boots refer to specialized boots designed for off-road or motocross bike riding. Modern dirt bike boots tend to have a typical design though they may vary in colors and variety (i.e., for kids or adults).

Typically, these racing boots extend to the knee region and measure about 16 inches in height. Manufacturers use sturdy materials such as leather, plastic, and metal to create dirt bike boots. These materials make comfortable, well-fitting boots the riders can wear and remove effortlessly.

Dirt bike boots have a hard outer layer that covers the shin area. Additionally, the boot’s shaft has straps that allow the rider to open, close, and adjust the boot depending on their preference.

Dirt bike boots have various weights; however, none weigh as light as a shoe. The materials and level of protection often determine how heavy a dirt biking boot will be.

What Do Dirt Bike Boots Do?

One reason why you need dirt bike boots when riding is that they protect your legs significantly. First of all, these boots safeguard your ankles when your foot gets stuck between the rough ground and footpeg. The rigid composite materials also prevent unwanted bending of ankles during impact or accidents.

Secondly, dirt bike boots protect your calf from heat generated by engine components. Additionally, these riding boots help to safeguard your shins from impact fractures.

Statistically speaking, approximately 35% of all fractures in dirt biking occur in the shin, ankle, and foot regions. Wearing a high-quality dirt biking boot can drastically reduce impact during an accident and lessen the probability of below-the-knee fractures.

Riders who ride at high speed tend to encounter stones flying off their front wheels, and these stones can injure the lower leg. A sturdy dirt bike boot also protects against rock strikes and other harmful objects that may hit your shins as you ride.

dirt bike boots

How Long Do Motocross Boots Last?

It depends on how much you use your motocross boots, but normally between four and six months. You may find that the stitching will loosen or holes can develop in them if you use them too much without giving your boots a break in-between times to rest. We recommend using a silicone-based lube to help your boots last longer. This will aid the boot’s protective properties by preventing water from getting inside and causing any damage to the inner materials.

When Should I Replace My Motorcycle Boots?

You should replace your motorcycle boots when you notice any tears, holes, or loosening stitching. When you are shopping for dirt bike boots, there a couple of factors to consider. Your feet can swell in the heat and wear down the soles or cause blisters if they’re not comfortable enough with good arch support. You should also keep in mind that your toes will take up more space as well when wearing these types of shoes so be very picky.

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