Dirt Bike Knee Braces

best dirt bike knee braces

Dirt Bike Knee Braces are an essential accessory for greater driving safety, essential accessories for additional safety. These protections allow the knees to move naturally while ensuring prevention in case of injuries or falls. There are different types, which vary according to the level of coverage of the leg and the elasticity of movements. This guide is discussing the best dirt bike knee braces and much more.

dirt bike knee braces

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Knee Braces?

There are different types of specific dirt bike knee pads on the market. There are, for example, protections for small impacts, effective against materials such as branches or stones. These have a semi-mobile rigid brace that supports the joint. They are a good defense for frontal collisions while they have poor results of twisted falls.

There are also motocross knee braces with two joints, one above and one below the knee, connected by a pin. The material of the joints is usually plastic, but on the market, they are also in carbon with titanium pin. They guarantee better protection in the event of a fall, but the price is obviously much higher. These knee braces accompany the movement and the presence of three buckles ensures greater adherence to the leg.

Dirt bike knee braces with a rigid brace and movable patella protectors have four attachment points. The rigid support supports the collateral, lateral and medial ligaments of the knee. The main difference between the cross brace is in the material. The rigid pads are bulkier and less breathable. Compared to the soft ones they guarantee a better adherence to the leg.

Should I Wear Dirt Bike Knee Protection?

The knee pads are the protection to wear for dirt biking. This is because the possibility of impact from significant heights is quite high, and the falling could cause serious injury. Dirt bike knee braces are accessories that help prevent unnatural movements or injuries to the joints.

These protections limit the overload in particular of the patella and protect this delicate part of the knee in case of falls. Over time, manufacturers of motorcycle accessories such as Fox Racing and EVS Sports have improved the materials and models of motocross knee pads, making them more and more comfortable and dynamic.

Among other things, the risks when driving do not depend only on how you drive your bike, but also on trivial unexpected events or the incorrect behavior of others. For those who have already suffered knee injuries, they are a truly indispensable accessory.

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What Are The Differences Between Knee Guards And Knee Braces?

Knee guards are definitely the most used, as far as knee protection is concerned, they are the most basic form. They are cheaper price than other products. They have a very light design and are very comfortable!

There are many different offers of knee guards and various brands on the market. The brands guarantee fit, features, and colors that differ. All knee guards have a knee cup made of rigid plastic that has the function of covering the cap. Neoprene, mesh, plastic, foam, and velcro are popular materials.

The more basic versions of knee guards tend to cover only the knee and only below and above. Others ensure total coverage of the shin part. Some of the latter have a soft material ideal for driving to get around the problem of scratches and cuts on the track, and others are made from a harder plastic and help avoid injury.

There are two basic types:

  • The first type is above the knee.
  • The second type has straps that close at the back.

Neither is superior to the other in terms of protection, the preference can only lie in the comfort felt by the wearer. In the case of the protections that have straps, keep in mind that the most important strap is the one that is below the knee in the upper part of the calf.

motocross knee braces

Do Knee Braces Work?

The knee braces must be used in advance because they are designed and created to reduce an impact. The demand for these products in the market is growing, now many companies design them and many types are sold! The main peculiarities that differentiate knee braces from the others are two: hinging systems and material.

The best in the market are the risers made of carbon fiber, that is, with a rigid frame. This material allows the knee brace to remain rigid and to limit impacts and bumps, this type is definitely among the best braces for knee and leg protection! Its lightness makes the knee brace very comfortable for the motorcyclist who wears it.

The second type of knee brace is the soft one. Foam, nylon, TPR, and neoprene are the most popular materials. Many riders start with soft protection because it is usually more “simple”. Among other things, the cost of the first type described, the carbon fiber one, is higher compared to the last ones. As can be seen, therefore, it is above all the materials that affect the price of the knee pads but in any case, when it comes to the protection it is better to be calm and maybe spend a little more than you would like on this case.

The hinging system is the most advanced, the design is designed to contain the extension and prevent possible knee injuries. The hinges can be made with double pins to facilitate movement, while others limit knee flexion.

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