6 Dirt Bike Tricks for Beginners

6 dirt bike tricks for beginners
6 dirt bike tricks for beginners

Have you purchased a new dirt bike but unable to ride it efficiently? You have landed at the right spot. Here you will get to know six easy tricks that would help you to make the most of your dirt bike. The article features valuable information on how to jump on a dirt bike. It also gives you additional tips so that you can get yourself prepared for your adventures with the dirt bike. Here are 6 Dirt Bike Tricks for Beginners

1. How to jump on a dirt bike?

Before starting the jump, have a clear idea of the jump first. Check the steepness of the slope on the lead-up. Always begin with small jumps and then increase your jump heights. Approach the jump in a straight line.

Make sure that you lean in front while running up the up-ramp. Standing up on your pegs through the jump will enable you to gain control.

Prepare yourself while in the air. Position your knees, keep your arms at length. Your chest should not be near the handlebars. Straighten your wrists to not let the impact damage them.

2. No footer?

While you are in the mid-air, slowly take one foot off. Make sure that your landing is still safe. Try with the other foot too.

Once done with both the feet, you can now compare which one you found easier to do with. Before you start taking off your feet, begin by jumping a little in the air with your dirt bike.

When you become a master in that, start with taking off a single foot. While jumping, keep your foot in the correct position. Continue taking off one foot till you are confident about taking off both feet simultaneously.

3. One hander?

Once you have mastered the art of taking your feet off, you can then gradually proceed to one-handers. For this also, you need to follow some easy tricks.

Initially, start with one hand. However, keep it near to the handlebars so that you can quickly grab it in case of emergencies.

Once you can do it with one hand, try with the other hand. Gradually, start keeping your hands away from the handlebars.

Now, start increasing the distance between your hands and the handlebar. Make sure that you attain the balance required.

4. How to do the Fender Kiss?

This is one of the most rider-friendly and easy tricks that can easily be performed by a beginner. Here, a rider nears the front fender. The posture looks as if the rider is almost kissing the fender.

In this case, you need to bring down your face to the bike’s front fender while jumping. You can also do this by bringing the fender to your face.

While doing this trick, remember that while you are changing the position, the bike can also start behaving differently. Therefore, move towards the fender slowly and not straightaway.

5. How to do BackFlip?

Backflips are stylish bike tricks but can be dangerous too. Before starting, set your gear appropriately. A backflip is full of power and therefore, it needs the third gear. Lean forward as you reach out to the handlebars.

Once you are ready to take off, push on the footpegs. Make sure that you lean back right on the handlebars. In the mid-flip, keep your head in the backward direction.

Continue pushing the footpegs and leaning at the back till your flip gets successfully completed.

6. How to do FrontFlip?

The front flip is tougher than the backflip. Since it goes against the natural flip, this flip is a challenge for beginners. However, by following some easy tricks you can become a pro in this as well.

Here, at first, you need to push forward and keep leaning over the tank till the time comes for you to take off. Remember that here you need to push the handlebars and not the footpegs.

If you wish to increase your speed, you need to move nearer to the tank. You can also increase the rotation speed of your bike by hitting the brakes when you are jumping. This will prevent the wheels from spinning forward and the rotation will become quicker.

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