AGV K1 S Helmet Review

AGV K1 S Helmet Review
AGV K1 S Helmet Review

AGV K1 S Helmet Review – Dirt bikes have plenty of gear with brands considered reliable. Helmets, especially have a list of brands that provide quality headgear. While it helps to know things like the best helmet for ATV riding or women, some brands produce consistently great helmets. Among the different brands that are considered great in the dirt bike community is AGV. AGV has a list of helmets with beneficial features, and one of them is the AGV K1 S Helmet.

The AGV K1 S Helmet is all about keeping you safe. It meets the highest international safety standards with its Extreme Safety construction. It’s been thoroughly tested and approved for ECE 2206 homologation, ensuring top-level protection. The helmet features a strong thermoplastic shell in various sizes for both the outer and inner layers, providing maximum protection against different types of impacts. Inspired by racing standards, its design minimizes the risk of collarbone injuries and uses a secure double D closure.

There is a lot to say about this helmet. With this AGV K1 S Helmet Review we will dive into what makes this helmet great.

What Makes the Helmet Stand Out?

Construction & Aerodynamics

When it comes to construction and aerodynamics, the AGV K1 helmet delivers a lot despite its price point. Crafted from thermoplastic resin, the helmet weighs a relatively light 1500g and still holds an impressive ECE 22.06 certification. In terms of aerodynamics, it doesn’t disappoint either. Leveraging research and development from high-end models like the Corsa and Pista helmets, the K1 effortlessly cuts through the air. Plus, it features a spoiler that not only enhances stability at higher speeds but also adds a sporty touch. All in all, the AGV K1 helmet offers a lightweight, well-constructed design that minimizes wind turbulence, ensuring a comfortable and fast-feeling ride.

Ventilation & Helmet Noise

The AGV K1 helmet incorporates the Integrated Ventilation System, a result of their advanced research and development efforts. This system effectively channels cool air into the helmet through front intake vents and expels warm air through rear exhaust ports in the spoiler. The good news is that it works exceptionally well. The triple forehead vents are user-friendly, although the internal slider for the dual chin vents can be a bit challenging to operate while riding.

However, this minor inconvenience aside, the K1 impresses overall. Surprisingly, despite the efficient airflow system, the helmet remains relatively quiet, thanks to well-designed air channels and dedicated padding space for glasses. Considering that wearing earplugs is advisable while riding, the AGV K1 provides more than adequate noise control, even at higher speeds.

Lining, Visor, & Fastening

The AGV K1 helmet is designed for your comfort and convenience. Its Dry-comfort lining is made of three removable parts that can be easily cleaned and reattached as needed. If you ever need replacements, you can find individual components online for easy purchase.

The visor on the K1 provides an excellent 190-degree horizontal field of view, reducing the need for frequent shoulder checks while riding. It’s anti-scratch treated and has a user-friendly tab on the left side for easy use, even while you’re on the move. The helmet initially comes with a visor featuring six-position ratchets, and AGV includes two extra pairs: one for racing with fully open and closed latches and another with a larger partially open stage.

However, it’s important to note that the pinlock anti-fog insert is not included and must be bought separately. The helmet secures firmly with a double D-ring fastener, although it can be a bit tricky to fasten with gloves on.

AGV K1 S Helmet FAQs

Q: Why does AGV use different helmet fasteners?

A: AGV helmets have three types of fasteners: Double-D for sporty models, adjustable buckle, and quick-release for tourism models. Sporty helmets use Double-D because of MotoGP standards. All fasteners pass strength and safety tests.

Q: Can helmet interiors be changed for fit?

A: Yes, many AGV and MDS helmets allow customized comfort with thicker or thinner interiors. Details vary by model, check with AGV network or

Q: Can I paint my helmet?

A: Painting helmets is discouraged as it can damage safety and plastic parts. Avoid applying stickers too. Altered helmets lose warranty.

Q: What to do if I have a defective item?

A: If you suspect a defect, contact an AGV dealer, even for online purchases. They’ll assess, initiate a claim, and arrange AGV inspection. If under warranty, it’s repaired or replaced. Keep the sales receipt for the 2-year warranty.

Q: What if my item is damaged from wear and tear?

A: For wear and tear damage, contact an authorized Dainese dealer, even for online buys. They’ll coordinate repairs. Include the sales receipt for the 2-year warranty.

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