Shark Race-R Pro Helmet Review

Shark Race-R Pro Helmet
Shark Race-R Pro Helmet

Shark Race-R Pro Helmet – Many helmets are considered the best in the market. However, while there is a range of helmets with great features. While many helmets have great features, some helmet brands are considered better than others. Among the list of quality brands is Shark. Shark has a list of reliable helmets and one of them is the Shark Race-R Pro Helmet. Specifically, the model with a carbon front face.

The Shark Race-R PRO Carbon Skin Carbon Helmet is a top-tier safety gear designed with carbon fiber to meet the highest standards of safety and technology in motorcycle helmets. Engineered with a focus on competition-level performance, this helmet excels in qualities such as lightweight construction, stability, comfort, precision, and aerodynamics. Its efficient ventilation system features multiple air inlets and extractors, optimizing the Venturi effect for superior airflow.

The double blade spoiler counters high-speed aerodynamic forces for increased stability. Additionally, the helmet offers a crystal-clear optical class 1 screen with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments, ensuring excellent optical quality. With features like quick-release visor system, removable padding, and compatibility with Sharktooth® intercom system, the Race-R Pro Carbon Skin is designed for riders who prioritize safety and comfort on the road.

Why Get It?

Exterior Shell

The Race-R Pro Carbon helmet boasts a shell constructed with a combination of carbon and aramid fibers, resulting in an impressively light and robust structure, weighing just 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms). This lightweight design is particularly advantageous for track riders enduring extended sessions and even benefits everyday riders by minimizing the impact of buffeting. While it may not be a game-changer for occasional riders, the helmet’s numerous thoughtful features make it a compelling choice for those seeking a high-quality, well-crafted helmet.

Interior Material

The interior of this helmet features an innovative use of bamboo fibers, which are claimed to combat bacteria and prevent the buildup of sweat-related odors, keeping the helmet relatively fresh. While many manufacturers offer antibacterial linings, bamboo is a unique choice. Although the effectiveness of bamboo in handling post-ride sweat remains to be seen, the interior is fully removable and washable for easy maintenance. Additionally, Shark dealers offer different cheek pad thickness options to ensure a customized and comfortable fit for riders.

Noise Cancellation

The helmet’s interior boasts a unique feature called the ‘whisper strip,’ designed to create a noise-reducing barrier around your neck, although specific noise levels aren’t mentioned. Nevertheless, its wind tunnel-engineered, aerodynamic design inherently minimizes wind buffeting noise. Shark claims it’s 4.5 decibels quieter than their standard Race-R Pro, offering improved noise reduction.

While the real-world perception of a 4.5dB difference might be subtle, it likely adds to overall comfort, especially if you don’t wear earplugs. Furthermore, the helmet includes a rubber mask that redirects exhaled breath downward to prevent misting, and the 4mm thick shield features an anti-fog coating, effectively preventing fogging in most conditions, though extreme weather or slow city riding might pose occasional challenges.

Face Shield

The face shield on this helmet provides a wide field of view and features an excellent quick-release mechanism, which, once mastered, allows for effortless removal and reattachment in just two minutes. This quick-release system stands out as one of the best in the industry. While the shield’s thickness is an advantage for durability, some riders have occasionally reported a rare issue of double vision at night due to reflections off both sides of the shield. However, this problem is infrequently reported, so it’s unlikely to be a concern unless you frequently ride at night.


The Shark Race R helmet excels in the ventilation department with four strategically placed vents (chin, forehead, and two on top of the head) that effectively draw in a substantial amount of air. While these vents provide excellent airflow, riders who like to make on-the-fly adjustments might find it challenging as they have various directions for push, pull, and closure. However, the switches are glove-friendly and easy to operate. If you can quickly adapt to their controls, the ventilation system proves to be highly efficient and readily accessible whenever you need that refreshing airflow.


Safety is a strong suit for the Race-R helmet, as it proudly boasts a SHARP 5-star safety rating, the highest attainable rating. While it hasn’t undergone Snell testing (as Shark no longer submits helmets to Snell), it’s important to note that Shark ranked 3rd overall in a safety evaluation among 37 brands, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to helmet safety.

The helmet’s availability in two shell sizes may be a minor concern for those at the extremes of sizing, as it could potentially affect the helmet’s aesthetics and optimal fit. While there’s limited data on whether this compromises safety, it’s worth considering the impact absorption implications in different sizes. The Race-R Pro Carbon, for instance, is exclusively available in sizes ranging from XL to XS. Some users have found the helmet sizes to be somewhat unconventional, so a fitting session before purchase might be advisable for potential buyers.

Shark Race-R Pro Helmet Pros and Cons


  • Well-designed and safe for sports bike riders.
  • Suitable for road use.
  • Performs excellently in various aspects.
  • Packed with essential features.


  • One of the most expensive helmets on the market.

Shark Race-R Pro Helmet FAQs

Where can I buy helmets and spare parts for SHARK?

Please be cautious of fraudulent websites selling SHARK products without delivering them. Verify the authenticity of such websites before purchasing. To find official SHARK Helmets retailers, visit:

What type of strap fastening is best for me?

SHARK offers two strap fastening options: Double D and micro lock buckle, both are safe. Your choice depends on your preference. For sporty riding like track or sports roadster, go for a helmet with a double D fastening. For urban or commuting use, opt for a helmet with a micro metric loop.

Can I adjust my helmet fitment by changing the inside or cheek-pads?

Some models allow you to change the cheek-pads and internals for a better fit.

Are all models available in all sizes?

Yes, all models come in sizes ranging from XS to XL. In some cases and countries, there might be a size XXL available; consult your local dealer for details.

What should I do if my visor doesn’t close properly?

To address this issue, apply a special silicone seal to the upper seal. If your visor is adjustable, refer to your helmet’s user manual for more information.

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