Shoei VFX-WR Helmet: An Overview


Shoei VFX-WR Helmet – Plenty of helmets are considered reliable for dirt bike riders. Among these helmets is the Shoei VGX-WR Helmet. What makes this helmet different? This helmet has a high-tech construction with a strong and shock-absorbent shell made from advanced materials. It offers enhanced protection with a dual-density EPS liner and an Emergency Quick Release System for easy removal during accidents. Comfort features include a secure Double-D ring, mud guard, and washable padding. The helmet’s aerodynamic design with integrated spoilers and an extra-large visor provides both safety and style for riders.

What Makes the Helmet Great?


Safety is a top priority with the new Shoei VFX-WR helmet. Its multi-ply matrix AIM+ shell combines interwoven layers of fiberglass with lightweight organics and high-performance fibers to achieve an optimal balance of rigidity and lightweight design. This not only reduces the strain on the rider’s neck but also helps maintain focus.

The helmet incorporates an EPS impact-absorbing system with double-density materials and an internal cooling system, along with the innovative Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.) technology to absorb and reduce rotational energy during impacts. The Double-D closure ensures a secure and adjustable fit, enhancing overall safety and comfort for riders.


Comfort is a key feature of the VFX-WR helmet. It’s available in four different shell and EPS sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for riders of all sizes. The interior pads are made of full-bodied urethane, offering both comfort and strong support during intense rides.

Unlike previous models, this helmet uses moisture-absorbing materials in areas prone to sweating, like the cheeks and forehead, while employing a soft raised fabric for the head area, reducing stickiness and improving overall comfort. The chinstrap cover is designed for improved airflow, and the removable nose protector accommodates various off-road goggles without interference, enhancing the overall riding experience.


Ventilation is crucial for off-road riders who experience vigorous movement and heavy sweating. The VFX-WR excels in this aspect with enhanced airflow, featuring an additional air intake and two air outlets. These strategically placed openings allow air to flow through the impact-absorbing liner’s channels, effectively expelling hot air. The air intake, located above the eye port, efficiently draws in fresh air and is protected by metal mesh to prevent debris infiltration.

Similarly, the air outlets, including a newly added rear outlet and an expanded neck outlet, expel heat, ensuring a well-ventilated interior. The enlarged mouthpiece and the inclusion of a mesh filter and aluminum metal screen improve breathability and protection from dirt and debris, all while being easy to maintain with a single screw removal. This comprehensive ventilation system enhances rider comfort during intense off-road rides.


The VFX-WR boasts a completely redesigned shell structure featuring a radical and sporty design with integrated spoilers, optimizing aerodynamics and overall performance. The interior design has also been revamped, seamlessly integrating the new mouthpiece and nose guard as a single, cohesive unit within the vision field.

With a range of four shell sizes and six available sizes from XS to XXL, this helmet ensures a precise fit for riders of various head sizes, combining style and comfort with top-notch aerodynamic features.


The VFX-WR comes equipped with the specially designed V-470 visor/peak, with its standard position at the highest point. In this standard position, the visor seamlessly integrates with the helmet’s aggressive shell design, enhancing its aesthetics. Additionally, riders have the flexibility to adjust the visor angle as needed.

The visor is engineered with a stable flange mechanism, where the screw hole in the visor center is designed to pinch off in the standard position and remain hollow on the visor’s back side. This design ensures secure placement of the visor, preventing unintentional lowering during intense off-road riding. To reduce glare, an anti-reflecting black matte sticker is provided for the interior of the visor, enhancing visibility for riders.

Shoei VFX-WR Helmet Pros and Cons


  • Extensive safety technology
  • Abundance of color choices
  • Removable peak for customization


  • Front inlet vents cannot be closed

Shoei VFX-WR Helmet FAQs

What is M.E.D.S.?

M.E.D.S. (Motion Energy Distribution System) is a part of the VFX-WR helmet that reduces rotational energy. It’s made up of two layers, one inside the other, anchored by a center column.

Can I take out the insert liner?

No, you can’t remove the insert liner because it’s glued to the outer liner. Trying to remove it or putting things between the layers can harm the helmet’s safety. Don’t put small objects like keys or coins inside the helmet, as they might get stuck between the layers.

What if something gets stuck between the liners?

If something gets stuck between the insert liner and the outer liner, don’t try to force it out. Contact your local distributor for help to avoid harming the helmet’s safety. If dirt or mud gets in, rinse it gently with water, but don’t use high-pressure washers or compressed air.

Is it okay to hang the helmet on a motorcycle handle or mirror?

Don’t hang your helmet on a motorcycle’s handle or mirror. This could damage the helmet’s insert liner, which is thin at the edge. Also, avoid pressing on the insert liner deliberately.

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