Bell Moto-10 Helmet: An Overview

Bell Moto-10 Helmet
Bell Moto-10 Helmet

Bell Moto-10 Helmet – When it comes to choosing helmets, there is not shortage of options available. While there is a range of helmets to choose from, it is important to consider which will fit your needs best. Some helmets will offer appealing features under a good price but it will be useless if it doesn’t work for your riding style. If you are unsure where to start, there is some top market options to help narrow your list. One option to consider is the Bell Moto-10 Helmet.

The Bell Moto-10 Helmet is the pinnacle of motorcycle safety and performance. With revolutionary Spherical MIPS technology, it disperses impact forces in multiple directions, providing unmatched protection. The lightweight carbon composite shell ensures comfort, while the aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and enhances airflow. Featuring a Quick Release Shield System, moisture-resistant interior liner, and adjustable ventilation, this helmet keeps you cool, dry, and fog-free. Meeting or exceeding DOT and ECE safety standards, the Bell Moto-10 is the choice for uncompromising riders.

What Makes the Helmet Great?


Safety is paramount with the Moto-10, setting new standards for off-road helmets with its pioneering Spherical Technology™ powered by MIPS®. This proprietary design employs a Ball-and-Socket mechanism that diverts impact forces away from the brain, allowing the outer liner to pivot around the inner liner in the event of a crash.

Bell’s innovative approach also includes NMR™ (No Missed Races) bumpers on each side of the helmet, crafted from a responsive EPP material that compresses upon impact and swiftly returns to its original state, thus minimizing the risk of additional injury resulting from helmet-body contact. Furthermore, the helmet boasts a generous panoramic goggle port, the largest in the market, and it’s certified by Snell M2015, ECE, and DOT standards, solidifying its reputation as a pinnacle of safety in off-road riding.


Experience unparalleled comfort with the Bell Moto-10 helmet. Its Virus™ CoolJade liner, which is both removable and washable, incorporates recycled jade to generate a natural cooling effect, ensuring a refreshing ride. The Thermal Exchange Airflow System™, aptly named for its ability to draw in cool air like a vacuum and expel hot air through side and rear exhaust ports, provides exceptional ventilation.

This helmet features a pioneering segmented 3K carbon shell, offering superior protection. The wider panoramic goggle port enhances fit, seals optimally, and provides a vast field of view, promoting rider visibility and safety. Even with gloves on, the QuickFlip™ visor screws allow for easy adjustments, making it a practical choice for riders.

Bell Moto-10 Helmet: Pros and Cons


  • Improved safety with MIPS liner.
  • Comfortable fit with collarbone-friendly NMR base.
  • Excellent protection with Snell approval.
  • Great cooling thanks to outstanding ventilation and CoolJade liner.
  • Spacious eyeport for big goggles.
  • Innovative magnet use for cheekpads and strap.


  • Heavier than some helmets.
  • Higher price due to its top-tier brand status.


Q: What kind of warranty does my helmet come with?

A: Bell offers a one-year warranty for bicycle helmets and a five-year warranty for motorcycle helmets, covering defects in materials or workmanship. Defective helmets will be repaired or replaced at Bell’s discretion.

Q: How can I obtain replacement parts for my helmet?

A: Small parts can be purchased under the “accessories” section of the Bell website. For all other parts, you can call 800-456-2355 or email for assistance.

Q: Can I buy an ECE certified helmet from this website?

A: ECE rated helmets are not currently available for purchase in the United States or on the Bell website.

Q: Can I use my Bell bicycle helmet for other sports/activities besides cycling?

A: Each Bell helmet is certified for specific activities, and it should only be used for those designated sports. Some helmets, like the Segment, Faction, and Fraction models, are certified for both cycling and skateboarding.

Q: Can I paint my helmet?

A: Bell does not recommend using paints or solvents on helmets, as they can damage the helmet and reduce its protective capabilities.

Q: How often should a helmet be replaced?

A: Bell generally recommends replacing your helmet every three years. If you’re uncertain about your helmet’s condition, you can call 800-456-2355 or email for a free inspection.

Q: Why did you replace my entire helmet under warranty when only the fit system is broken? Why can’t I just replace the fit system?

A: Bell helmets have sophisticated structures, and replacing only the fit system could compromise the helmet’s ability to stay in place during a crash, potentially causing injury. Therefore, Bell opts to replace the entire helmet in warranty claims to ensure safety.

Q: Does Bell have a crash replacement program?

A: Bell’s Crash Replacement Program is available in the United States. Contact your Local Authorized Bell Dealer to inquire about available programs in your country. Remember, never wear a helmet that’s been involved in an accident.

Another Review

While it helps to know a top market option, always keep in mind to get all essential gear and the proper maintenance involved. If you are not careful, you may need to replace your helmet. Otherwise, it helps to search for specific helmets that will fit your needs like dirt bike helmets for kids and dirt bike helmets for women.

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