XR650R vs DRZ400

xr650r vs drz400

Two bike models XR650R vs DRZ400, but only one winner in this comparison. Keep reading to find out more about the bikes’ specs and details about their engine, suspension, and braking systems.

xr650r vs drz400

Engine: XR650R vs DRZ400

The XR650R features a 4-stroke engine with a liquid cooling system. The single-cylinder is 649cc and offers the rider a powerful, nippy ride. The liquid cooling system efficiently controls engine temperature, ensuring better handling of the motor. A solid engine with a reliable design.

Suzuki’s DRZ400 is a lightweight model that features a four-valve cylinder engine. The DOHC motor is 398cc and has a liquid cooling system just like the XR650R. The model is easily ridden in all terrains, whether it be a tough, competitive, track, or a leisurely trail on the weekends. 

In terms of engine power, the XR650R wins this round. The more powerful engine allows the user to have an exhilarating ride.

Suspension: XR650R vs DRZ400

The XR650R front suspension system gives the rider a smooth, comfortable ride. With the fully adjustable telescopic fork, any bumps are absorbed and dampened. The rear suspension is also fully adjustable with a swingarm pro link suspension system. The rear system also has mono-shock Kayaba features, that provides effective dampening for the rider.

For the DRZ400, the suspension system is also telescopic. For this model, the system is coil spring and oil damped with fully adjustable suspension and dampening. The rear, swingarm,  link-type suspension is similar to the front suspension, it is coil spring, oil dampened, and fully adjustable.

The two suspension systems are very similar. They both feature swing arm, link-type systems, with both models having a telescopic, fully adjustable fork design. Both win this point as they are so similar. No one is better than the other as they have similar blueprints.

Brakes: XR650R vs DRZ400

Honda XR650R’s braking system is a standard single-disc design. Both the rear and front brakes feature piston calipers, with the front featuring two-piston calipers and the rear one piston calipers. This is a pretty standard piston braking system that is well executed and offers the rider good control of the model.

The DRZ400 features a disc braking system with a single rotor for both front and rear brakes. An unusual choice of braking system but works well nonetheless and gives the user reasonable precision.

For this round, the point goes to the XR650R, due to the piston calipers. Since piston braking systems offer more control and accuracy, the XR650R offers better overall handling.


Honda XR650R’s prices vary depending on location and condition. They can go from $4,000 to $6,500. If you can find a model on the $4,000-level, you have got yourself a great deal. Sure, the higher you go, the better condition you will receive. This price tag is a standard price for the features and quality – overall a good price point.

Suzuki’s DRZ400 is also on a similar price point, the retail price is $6,799. Pretty mid-range price point as there are most definitely more expensive bikes on the market. Again, a solid price for the quality of features and a powerful engine.

Pricewise, the XR650R wins. If you can get your hands on the bike at a lower price point, then go for it. A great model for an even greater price!

Final verdict

The winner title goes to the XR650R. The powerful and strong engine is easy to control, and with its liquid cooling system, offers efficient and stable temperature. The XR650R’s braking system is also far superior to the DRZ400 and the price point is also lower. These two points alone make the bike the winner of this battle!

Here you can see the XR650R in action in this video from “Vehicle Hunter”:

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