Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

Sherco 300 SEF R vs KTM350 EXC F

Which dirt bike is better when it comes to Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F? Both are well-designed bikes, but which one takes the crown? Read on to find out.

Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

Engine: Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

The Sherco 300 SEF-R features a 4 stroke DOHC engine with Sherco technology. An atypical and unique engine, the model gives the rider a nippy and sharp ride. The cooling system used for this model is liquid, giving less noise and a more efficient motor. A solid motor on this bike with a well-thought-out design.

The KTM350 EXC-F’s engine is more on the technical side. The DOHC engine is fitted with a small cylinder head for better performance and handling. This unique design offers the rider better control as the gas flow is steadier and more stable throughout the whole exhaust system. The design of the engine allows for higher engine speed with excellent performance.

The positioning of the engine is close to the centre of gravity which provides easier handling and control of the bike. This, combined with the lightweight of just 61.7 lbs, provides everything a biker wants!

The compact and short engine contributes to efficient riding. The engine also includes a smart engine cover which reduces wear and tear, often from boots, making the bike durable and hard-wearing.

For this reason, the KTM350 EXC-F wins this round. A well-executed design with performance at its core.

Brakes: Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

Both the Sherco 300 SEF-R model and the KTM350 EXC-T model offer a Brembo hydraulic braking system for both its front and rear brakes. Brembo produces high-quality and innovative braking systems, particularly in the automotive industry.

This means that these brakes are extremely high-quality and have been designed by the World’s leading firm. Brembo brakes are high-tech and offer much more precision and agility than standard braking systems on the market. This impressive braking system offers riders more stability and control.

Both bikes are equal in this aspect, but the benchmark is high and contributes to better performance and efficiency.

Suspension: Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

The KTM350 EXC-F suspension is impressive with a 48mm diameter upside-down to provide an even better dampening effect. Both sides of the fork have springs which each have different functions. The left side acts as a compression dampening function and the rebound is on the right-hand side. These can easily be adjusted to meet your preferences and track type.

The suspension also features a mid-valve piston that is completely calibrated to provide consistent dampening. This ensures that the rider gets a completely smooth and comfortable ride.

The KTM350 EXC-F’s rear suspension is also equally impressive. The system’s main feature is the PDS design (progressive dampening system) where shocks are absorbed without any other linkage system. This unique and innovative design provides better performance and keeps weight low to reduce the likelihood of hooking on uneven surfaces.

Just like the front suspension, the rear also features a calibrated suspension piston which is supported by a flexible spring. The rear suspension is also fully adjustable and includes both high-speed and low-speed compression. As with the front suspension, you can adjust the compression depending on your needs, track type, or trail type.

When it comes to the suspension system, the Sherco 300 SEF-R is not as impressive as the KTM350 EXC-F. The Sherco 300 SEF-R’s front and rear systems are made up of KYB closed cartridge forks. These cannot be adjusted, limiting the amount of customization or personalization when it comes to rider preference and trail or track type.

Another point goes to the KTM360 EXC-F with its truly amazing suspension system. The design has been well-planned and effectively contributes to performance and comfort.

Frame: Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

Sherco 300 SEF-R’s frame is made from steel, giving lots of flexibility and making it suitable for riders at all skill levels. This accessible frame does not require any special skill or extensive experience and is very well-balanced. The frame gives the rider a secure foundation to react and incredible stability.

For the KTM350 EXC-F, the frame is also steel. The engine and cylinder are created from aluminum to reduce vibration and offer the rider a more comfortable ride. The model also features a lateral frame guard with a textured surface. This offers the rider a better grip and also protects against heat from the muffler on the right-hand side of the bike. The subframe is also super light, made from aluminum.

The Sherco 300 SEF-R ease of use wins this round. The stable frame gives the rider confidence and provides the right amount of feedback to offer better performance. 

Price: Sherco 300 SEF-R vs KTM350 EXC-F

Both bikes are definitely priced on the higher end of the market. The KTM350 EXC-F is priced at nearly $11,000 and the Sherco 300 SEF-R bike is around $9,000.

Neither model is not cheap, but both offer incredible quality, and this is reflected in their expensive price tags.

If you’re new to dirt biking, these may be a large investment. But if you are a seasoned rider with a lot of experience, then these options are solid.

In this case, the Sherco 300 SEF-R model wins, due to the lower price point.

Final verdict

This is a very close call between two very well-made bikes. Both have extraordinary features and can give the rider an exhilarating experience with outstanding performance.

If you have the budget, the winner would be the KTM350 EXC-F due to the high-quality features, braking system, and suspension. This is ideal if you regularly ride on an uneven trail or tracks. This model is also more suited to experienced riders, to take full advantage of its features and clever design.

However, if you are not able to spend this much on a bike, then the Sherco 300 SEF-R model is a solid investment. Just like the KTM350 EXC-F, the Sherco 300 SEF-R offers a high-quality braking system and suspension but perhaps lacks the innovation and design.

The two bikes cater to different experience levels and skill levels, making your own skill level and confidence the deciding factor when choosing between these two models. But, rest assured, that whichever model that you do choose to go with, you are guaranteed high quality and solid performance.

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