Best Dirt Bikes for 10-Year-Old Kids

Dirt bike riding isn’t only for adults but as well as for kids. By indulging to this sport, one can develop a sense of responsibility among many other traits that the kids may use for their personal development. As parents, you should choose a suitable dirt bike for your kids to use; you must consider all the parameters and factors on which bike to chose. There are wide ranges of bikes to choose from with different specs. One of the things to consider is the cc rating of the bike. It measures the displacement of the engine and does little to tell you if it’s the right size bike for your kid.
As early as 10 years old, a kid can start his or her journey on learning to ride a dirt bike, it is said that a recommended starter bike are Honda CRF110F, the Yamaha TT-R110E, or the Kawasaki KLX110. These are only few of the many options to choose from.

Seat Height for 10-Year-Olds

Having the appropriate seat height is a must to ensure that the kid riding the bike will have the full control over the bike without having any difficulty. The recommended heights of the seats for a kid’s dirt bike are as follows:
– 5’4″ (162cm) Tall – 33 to 36″ seat height
– 5’2″ (157cm) Tall – 31 to 35″ seat height
– Kids 10 to 12 years old – 26 to 31″ seat height
– Kids 8 to 9 years old – 24 to 28″ seat height
– Kids 3 to 7 years-old – 50cc dirt bike

Clutch vs. Automatic

The complexity of a clutch might be difficult for a kid who just started to learn dirt bike. So a choice between choosing an automatic and a clutched bike is a must. Depending on the capability of the kid, he or she might learn to operate a clutched bike, but if this is their first dirt bike, then it is recommended to use something automatic. Eventually, they will learn how to use a clutched bike.
The three bikes that are included in this article are all automatic. These bikes are for those kids who are trying dirt bike for the first time. As the kids learn, they will move up to the next bike’s sizes around 125 or 150cc, by this time they should learn how to ride it with clutch.

The Honda CRF110F

With a seat height of 26.8″ and weigh at 163 pounds, the Honda CRF110F is one of the best bikes for starters. It comes up with both electric start and a kick start; it idles really well and almost always starts the very first try. The power of the bike is very proficient, some says that using the third gear is too fast already and only uses it o long flat dirt roads. It also had a throttle stop to ensure that you won’t get too fast. At a price of $2,249 when brand new, it is worth the pay.

Below there is a link to Honda CRF110F on Amazon – it is not always available – but try and you might be lucky to find it there:

The Yamaha TT-R110E

Best in usage for going over rocks or up steep hills, the Yamaha TTR-110 also comes up with a 26.4″ seat height and has a highly regarded ground clearance of 7.1″. If full of fluids; the average weight of the bike is at 159 pounds. The brand new price starts at $2,299 but you can find a much lower price at around $900 – $1,700. The drawback is that the warranty of Yamaha is only 90 days compared to Kawasaki and Honda which both comes at 6 month warranty.

Below you can find a link to Amazon and Yamaha TT-R110E – Sometimes they have the actual bikes online there and there are always a lot of extra gears:

The Kawasaki KLX110

It is the most popular with kids because they come in lime green color which really caught the eye of the youngsters. The seat height is 26.8″ and weighs 167 pounds. It’s priced at $2,299 when brand new.

The final verdict: Which is the best dirt bike for 10-year-olds

In choosing out of the three bikes above, pick the one that really suits the need of your kid. All the three of them have very little differences when it comes to their specs. Here are some differences that might help you choosing the right one:
These three bikes are priced within $50 of each other
All three bikes are within .4″ in seat height of each other
three of the bikes are from very reputable manufacturers and have great durability ratings
All three bikes have the same cc ratings
The bikes are only separated by 8 pounds
They all have 14″ front wheels and 12″ rear wheels
All 3 have drum brakes on both the front and the rear
The fuel capacity is within .1 gallon between the models
They all have automatic transmissions

Aside from the three bikes mentioned above, there are other great bikes that are available. Some of them are the KTM 125 SX and the KTM 85sx start at around $7,000. The only problem is that compared to the three above, the KTM bikes are way more expensive. So take your time in canvassing all the bikes to have a wider range of options.
Of course, aside from the bike itself, you also need to purchase all the necessary safety gears for your kids. There are many gears to choose from ranging from different prices. Just make sure to prioritize the quality of the gear over its quantity.

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