Best Dirt Bike Exhaust System – Buying Guide and Top Picks

Are you searching for the best 4-stroke dirt bike exhaust yet trying to figure out where to begin? Whether you want even more power, much better appearances, more sound, less weight, or every one of the above, there is likely an option for you.

In this short article, you’re most likely to discover what various exhausts will do to your 4-stroke dirt bike, why you might or might not want to invest the money on one. And also how to select the most effective pipe or muffler based on your particular demands as well as budget.

Aftermarket exhaust for dirt bike

Setting up an aftermarket exhaust pipe or system can suit your motorcycle but relies on the exhaust, your objectives, and how it’s tuned.

For instance, some exhaust systems significantly affect the air-fuel proportion, possibly making your dirt bike run leaner or richer at specific throttle openings. This can harm your engine or irritate riding because it takes 20 kicks to begin it or has an unstable throttle response.

Does including an exhaust tip increase HP on a motorcycle?

It depends upon your particular bike because some dirt bikes have a more restrictive stock muffler. For instance, a low-performance trail bike may obtain even more throttle feedback and low-end torque with a different exhaust tip, yet it will only do something for a high-performance enduro bike.

Stainless steel vs. titanium exhaust– which is better for your motorcycle?

The primary distinction is that titanium is usually a much lighter exhaust than a stainless-steel pipe, but titanium is much more expensive since it’s less usual steel. It can also be more vibrant after warming up from running the engine.

Regarding efficiency, the power is practically similar if a stainless exhaust has the exact measurements as a titanium exhaust. It’s typically simply the head pipeline and mid-pipe that are SS or Ti, and the muffler is generally aluminum, carbon fiber, or a composite (mixture of both).

Stainless steel vs. aluminum dirt bike exhaust– which is much better?

Contrasting stainless vs. aluminum exhaust on a 4 dirt bike is typically the muffler because lightweight aluminum isn’t a common material for the head pipeline. 

That said, lightweight aluminum is much lighter, while stainless is usually much more sturdy since it’s a more difficult steel that’s less likely to flex or break.

The power distinction between alum and SS is virtually the same, yet nowadays, most 4-stroke dirt bike mufflers are aluminum or carbon fiber because stainless is so heavy.

Top dirt bike exhaust brands

Leading Brands in Aftermarket 4-Stroke Motorcycle Exhaust SystemsOver the decades, many businesses have ventured into the realm of aftermarket 4-stroke motorcycle exhaust systems. However, certain brands have emerged as the leaders in this competitive industry. Let’s take a closer look at these top brands:

  • Akrapovic
  • Big Gun
  • Dr. D.
  • FMF.
  • Leo Vince.
  • Pro Circuit.
  • 2 Brothers.
  • Yoshimura.

Best Dirt Bike Exhaust

1: Motorcycle Slip On Full Exhaust Muffler Pipe System Stainless Steel- Best Dirt bike exhaust

Dirt bike exhaust

Are you seeking a high-performance exhaust system that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Motorcycle Slip On Full Exhaust Muffler Pipe System Stainless Steel. Engineered to deliver the perfect balance between power and affordability, this aftermarket exhaust is a top choice for dirt bike enthusiasts. With its easy-to-install design, you can have it up and running quickly – no extensive expertise is required. Plus, with its competitive price tag, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value on the market. Upgrade your dirt bike’s performance with this exceptional exhaust system today!

2: KAJIMOTOR Motorcycle Full System Exhaust Escape Slip-on For Yamaha R25 YZF-R3 Modified Motorbike Front Connection Link Pipe Muffler – Best Dirt bike exhaust

Dirt bike exhaust

The KAJIMOTOR Motorcycle Full System Exhaust Escape Slip-on is an excellent choice for dirt bike riders. This high-performance model features a unique slip-on design allowing maximum power output – perfect for experienced riders who need every edge they can get on the track. Plus, it’s constructed with a lightweight and durable steel alloy material for superior sound control and longevity. And to make installation even easier, this exhaust system comes with a front connection link pipe that allows you to snap it onto your existing fittings – perfect for those who don’t have the time or expertise for more complicated installations.

3: NICECNC Scooter Moped Exhaust System Muffler Pipe Compatible with all Yamaha Breeze and Jog models Jog 50cc 2-stroke scooters – Best Dirt bike exhaust

Dirt bike exhaust

Looking for an aftermarket exhaust system designed specifically for Yamaha Breeze and Jog models? Look no further than the NICECNC Scooter Moped Exhaust System Muffler Pipe. Crafted from durable steel alloy, this model offers enhanced power output and reduced emissions, making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious commuter riders who want to maximize their ride. What’s more, it’s designed to fit seamlessly with all Yamaha Breeze and Jog models, ensuring compatibility and peace of mind.

4: ISTUNT Motorcycle Full Exhaust System Pipe for KAWASAKI Z125 2013-2018 Z125 PRO-2019-2021 No Baffle Muffler – Best Dirt bike exhaust

Dirt bike exhaust

Looking for a top-of-the-line aftermarket exhaust system specifically designed for the KAWASAKI Z125? Look no further than the ISTUNT Motorcycle Full Exhaust System Pipe. Crafted from ultra-durable stainless steel and featuring a no baffle design, this exhaust system is perfect for experienced riders seeking maximum performance and noise control. Designed to fit the KAWASAKI Z125 2013-2018 and Z125 PRO 2019-2021, compatibility is guaranteed. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your ride – explore our range of dirt bike exhausts today and find the perfect match for your bike’s power output and noise control needs.

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Top 4 Exhaust Solutions for Your Dirt Bike

1. FMF System Fatty Pipe For Dirt Bikes.

Enhance your throttle experience with the FMF system, the perfect choice for two-stroke owners looking to amp up their dirt bike’s vibrant and snatchy throttle response. With over 35 years of experience, FMF has established itself as a trusted brand in the DTB exhaust market. Curious to see how this exhaust looks and sounds? Check out this video showcasing the installation process and audio examination.

2. Yoshimura RS-4 Complete System Exhaust.

Talk about vehicles and their spare components; you can always remember the quality that Japanese manufacturers provide.

Below again, Yoshimura’s RS-4 complete system exhaust can be your most effective bet.

Its regular efficiency over all the miles and the best design and development make it one tale of an option entitled to a spot on this listing.

It’s a complete system exhaust with a stainless header and a mid-pipe. Besides that, this system is incredibly lightweight, uses much longer pulls, and has significantly excellent top-end torque.

3. Gnarly Pipe MX Exhaust System For 2-Stroke.

This is another 35-year-old exhaust supplier on the list. Perfectly suitable for 2-stroke engines, this system precisely does what it says.

Roar out loud and boost performance, equally as one would desire.

The efficiency is good enough to make you feel like your 2-stroke has turned into a 4-stroke (which will not be the actual situation, though).

Besides this, the Gnarly pipe MX exhaust is developed to provide some excellent punch at low-end torques.

4. Pro Circuit Ti6/Pro 4-STroke DTB Exhaust.

It’s an exhaust system that is entirely constructed from titanium, along with a carbon-end cap.

This particular exhaust system has also been expertly designed for 4-stroke engines to allow them to participate in competitive circuit races. Besides this, the system is very lightweight and can significantly increase the top-end power shipment of any motorcycle.

One essential point is that this system’s Ti6 version’s noise will not pass through the European and FIM noise regulations.

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How can I make my dirt bike exhaust louder?

To make your 4-stroke motorcycle louder, you can:

  • Remove the exhaust suggestion (ideally).
  • Get rid of the muffler.
  • Get rid of the exhaust.
  • Set up a louder aftermarket muffler.

But initially, you need to ask yourself: “Why do I desire a louder motorcycle?” Yes, it might appear more extraordinary. However, there are numerous drawbacks to having a louder exhaust. I’m not entirely against loud motorcycles. However, these are some official reasons why you shouldn’t make your dirt bike louder: It’s irritating– you may not care, but other people may locate your loud bike annoying, which gives us dirt bicycle riders a bad name.

Riding a loud bike is deceivingly exhausting to you as the biker because your ears aren’t made to listen to that for extended periods.

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