Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review

Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review
Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review

Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review – Are you considering getting a helmet? There are all kinds to choose from, including the best dirt bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, and even ATV helmets. Not only that, there is a range of brands that offer lists of options. Among these brands is Caberg. For over 35 years, Caberg helmets have been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology, consistently delivering high-quality designs and ergonomic style. With the coveted European approval ECE 22.05 certification, Caberg guarantees absolute safety for riders.

If you want a convenient and durable helmet from this brand, consider the Caberg Hyper X Helmet. The Caberg Hyper X White model boasts a range of impressive features, including adjustable top ventilation with inner air channels, a removable chin guard for added protection, Just Speak controller seating, and the convenience of a micrometric buckle.

This helmet also offers a double visor system, fog-free visor, and internal air circulation for rider comfort and safety. Caberg’s commitment to innovation is evident in their aerodynamic testing, rain protection rims, and anti-scratch visor, making their helmets a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Still unsure? This Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review will hopefully help you out.

What Makes the Helmet Great


When wearing the Hyper-X helmet, one can easily forget that they are donning a full-faced helmet due to its exceptional visual clarity even with the chin bar in place. The helmet’s design provides a sensation akin to wearing an open-faced helmet, which is a significant enhancement in terms of preventive safety.

The chin bar serves as a crucial post-impact safety feature, adding an extra layer of protection. While the Hyper-X is homologated as a full-face helmet, users hope they never have to put its safety features to the test, relying on its superior visibility to keep them out of harm’s way.


The Hyper-X helmet provides excellent ventilation, essential for riders in hot climates. It’s great at keeping the visor and scalp well-aired and performs as well as top helmets like the Arai SZ Ram4 and even better than the RX7 RR4. The helmet’s chin bar has an efficient air vent that directs air inside, ensuring good airflow even with a closed visor while riding at speeds over 40 km/h. Plus, it’s easy to adjust the central forehead vent, even with gloves on, allowing air to flow through the helmet and out of the rear vents for added comfort.


The helmet’s visor is large and sturdy but can slip down when riding on bumpy roads or making sudden head movements due to its weight. It’s easy to remove for cleaning, especially after riding in the rain. The standout feature is its effective anti-fog function, great for hot and humid weather after showers. However, its long-term durability is uncertain. Moreover, the visor’s high quality allows for the use of Rainex without causing damage, making it a good choice for riders looking for improved visibility in bad weather.

Inner Lining

The Hyper-X helmet’s inner lining is practical for daily commuters because it can be easily removed and washed, making upkeep simple. Although it’s not as plush as Arai helmets with Coolmax interiors, it’s made of a durable synthetic material similar to other Italian helmets like AGV. This makes it a good choice for riders in tropical climates, where frequent washing is essential due to heat and humidity.

Caberg Hyper X Helmet Review: Pros and Cons


  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile with removable chin guard
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Easy-to-use ratchet chin strap
  • Affordable


  • Some parts feel plastic and less sturdy, especially the chin bar fitting
  • Interior lacks the comfort of more recent lids from brands like X-Lite and Bell
  • Thin foam seal on the top of the chin bar sealing the visor tends to come off
  • Noisy


Q: Can I clean my helmet with petrol?

A: No, it’s not safe to use petrol for helmet cleaning. It can damage the protective inner shell, making it less effective in protecting your head during impacts. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the outer shell.

Q: How should I clean my helmet?

A: To clean your helmet, use a mild soap and water solution for the outer shell to prevent chemical damage and color fading. For comfort padding and the chinstrap, use wet, soft cloths, and let them dry completely. If the padding isn’t removable, you can use dry foam (like carpet cleaner), but remember to brush it away after 15 minutes. If your padding is removable, follow the instructions on the tags.

Q: Can I paint my helmet?

A: Painting your helmet can be risky due to aggressive paint solvents that weaken materials. Helmet manufacturers use safe paints. For painting, consult a qualified person, especially for composite helmets.

Q: Why should I avoid putting stickers on my helmet?

A: Applying stickers to your helmet can be problematic because many promotional stickers have glue with aggressive chemicals that can weaken the helmet’s materials. Helmet manufacturers use stickers with safe glues tested during production. If you want to add stickers, do so only on helmets made of composite materials, and be cautious if you’re not experienced.

Q: What should I do if there’s an opaque coating inside my new helmet’s visor?

A: If you find an opaque coating on your new helmet’s visor, it’s likely due to shipping treatments. Remove the visor and clean it with water and mild soap; it doesn’t indicate poor quality.

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