Arai Corsair X Helmet Review

Arai Corsair X Helmet Review
Arai Corsair X Helmet Review

Arai Corsair X Helmet Review – Many brands are considered the best for quality and reliable helmets. One of them is Arai. Arai has it’s share of durable helmets with different benefits. One option to consider is the Arai Corsair X Helmet. The Arai Corsair-X Helmet is a testament to Arai’s commitment to rider safety. It goes beyond traditional protection by focusing on minimizing the impact of glancing off impacts.

A stronger shell with a smoother shape redirects impact energy rather than absorbing it, reducing the force transferred to the body. The Variable Axis System (VAS) side pod and pivot cover further enhance this ability. Additionally, the helmet features a chin curtain to block turbulent air and improve exhaust ventilation. Inside, Arai’s 5mm peel-away ear pocket padding and recess for communicator speakers ensure comfort and functionality.

With this Arai Corsair X Helmet Review, we’ll dive into why you should have one.

What Makes it Great


Arai’s Corsair-X helmet prioritizes safety with a traditional design approach, earning them a unique industry reputation. While the focus is on protection, they also offer a wide range of appealing graphics and designs. These include race replicas inspired by Arai-sponsored riders such as Pedrosa, Giugliano, Vinales, Rae, Haslam, and Kenny Roberts, available in various colors. You can easily find a Corsair-X that matches both safety and style preferences through recommended retailers.


The Arai Corsair-X is highly comfortable and offers a great fit for riders. It’s designed for oval head shapes, which are common, and it uses high-quality materials like Eco Pure antibacterial lining. What makes it special is its adjustability, allowing riders to fine-tune the fit by adjusting the lining around the cheeks, skull, and temples.

The lining is removable and washable, with panels to reduce pressure points and swappable cheek pads for a custom fit. Some users find it slightly tight, so if you’re unsure about size, go for the smaller option. In summary, many riders have praised the Corsair-X for being one of the most comfortable and well-fitting helmets they’ve ever had, combining safety with comfort.


The Arai Corsair-X helmet is an excellent choice for safety-conscious riders. It’s received top safety certifications, including M2015 Snell and a five-star rating from SHARP helmet testing. Unlike its predecessor, the Corsair-V, which got four stars due to side impact concerns, the Corsair-X has improved safety features, like a wider shield opening, a shield lock, and a secure double-D ring fastener.

Arai’s R75 shell design aims to reduce rotational forces in accidents, and some components are designed to break upon impact. While the science behind these features is not well-documented, the Corsair-X is known for its safety, backed by EQRS and FIM homologation, making it suitable for professional racing.


The Arai Corsair-X offers excellent ventilation, just like its predecessor. It comes with a variety of air vents and exhausts, including six front vents and seven rear exhaust vents, most of which can be adjusted. Users generally like the helmet’s ventilation, with a minor issue of possible fogging when not moving, which is common in many helmets.

Most riders appreciate how well the Corsair-X keeps their heads cool, even in hot weather. Some riders found that the top vents work better than the chin vent, and a few had difficulty using the switch controls with gloves on. However, overall, the Corsair-X is great at providing effective ventilation.


The shield on the Arai Corsair-X is highly regarded by owners. It provides excellent visibility due to its wide and tall design and includes a Pinlock anti-fog Max Vision insert. The Corsair-X has an improved shield system that reduces the pivot mechanism’s size, making it more compact. Users appreciate these changes, with some mentioning that the shield removal system is better than before.

Although the new quick removal system may take some getting used to, it’s effective. Arai has also updated the shield locking mechanism, making it user-friendly. Overall, the Corsair-X’s shield is functional and shouldn’t pose any problems for users.

Noise Cancellation

The noise level in the Corsair-X helmet is a matter of personal opinion among owners. Many people who switched from the older V model found the Corsair-X to be quieter, especially when the vents are closed. However, opinions on its noise levels vary widely because how loud a helmet seems can depend on expectations, as well as factors like the type of motorcycle, riding position, and speed.

Some owners recommend reducing noise by closing vents, using a chin curtain to reduce turbulence, or wearing earplugs. Overall, the Corsair-X is considered to have average noise reduction, which is a decent accomplishment for a track helmet known for being in a noisy category.

Arai Corsair X Helmet Review: Pros and Cons


  • High-quality and well-engineered.
  • Safety certified with top ratings.
  • Excellent ventilation and a large shield with Pinlock.
  • Offers prestige and exclusivity.


  • Expensive


Q: How to clean the non-removable helmet lining?

A: Use lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Dampen with a cloth, avoid over-wetting, and let it air dry.

Q: How to clean removable liner covers?

A: Hand wash, dampen with a towel, and air dry for freshness.

Q: How to clean the visor?

A: Use warm water and a microfiber cloth. Soften debris with a soaked cloth. Avoid chemicals, and consider using car wax to repel dirt.

Q: How many helmet shell sizes does Arai use?

A: Arai offers up to six shell sizes, customizing for each head size, from XXXS to XXXL.

Q: Why does Arai offer various shell and interior sizes?

A: Arai focuses on comfort, fit, and safety, offering options for a better, more comfortable fit and reduced wind noise.

Q: When should I replace my Arai helmet?

A: Replace it after seven years from the manufacturing date or five years from the purchase date due to the EPS liner’s gradual loss of impact-absorbing ability.

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