Best Dirt Bike Handlebars

best dirt bike handlebars
best dirt bike handlebars

Best Dirt Bike Handlebars – When you think about important parts on a dirt bike, one of the top features is the handlebars. The handlebars are key in ensuring a smooth ride and easy control of your bike. Depending on the bike, there are different types of handlebars it can have. While the handlebar already installed can be reliable, you should keep the option of replacing them in mind. Why? There are a few reasons for this. For one thing, there is always a chance you’ll need an upgrade. 

Choosing which handlebar you should get on your bike generally depends on your riding lifestyle. There is a range of handlebars with different styles, bends, heights, widths, sweeps, etc. If you want to choose a reliable handlebar for your dirt bike, there are certain factors to keep in mind. 

Factors Behind Choosing a Handlebar

There are always different factors to consider when choosing any dirt bike part or upgrade. With handlebars, there are three main points to consider and they are as follows:

BEND: The bend refers to the different measurements of the handlebar and can help narrow the list of handlebars you can upgrade to. If you are someone who likes dirt bike racing, you will want a lower bar with less sweep (central area/dimension). Why? It helps keep your body weight further forward, helping with cornering and hard acceleration.

Trail riders on the other hand will need something with a medium height narrow bar (or trimmed down an inch or so). This will help when riding for long periods of times and going through narrow spaces. For free riders, a higher bar with no crossbar is ideal to give room for different tricks. 

CROSSBAR/ NO CROSSBAR: Crossbars are a feature attached to ⅞ inch handlebars because they aren’t strong enough to handle the forces placed on them while riding like  1⅛ inch handlebars. It is also because welding would further weaken the aluminum. If you choose a handlebar with a crossbar, you will also be able to fit a standard cylindrical type bar pad. A bar pad is important in saving your face, teeth, chest, in the event of a hard landing.

HEIGHT: The height of the handlebars can help determine how high or low you want the feature for a comfortable ride. A good way to test this is to sit on the bike and hold your hands above and below the grips, and see where your arms feel the most natural. The riding experience may turn out different but this is a good start to determine what kind of handlebar works for you. 

Best Dirt Bike Handlebars Options

If you are unsure where to start when choosing a handlebar upgrade, here are some top options to check out:

Pro Taper EVO: If you want something affordable and durable, this is the handlebar to choose. A Pro Taper EVO is a durable and light handlebar with a high-tech shot-peened, stress-relieved anodized finish. The inside is epoxy coated, scratch and peel-resistant, and plastic bar end plugs keep out the dirt and moisture. As a handlebar the Pro Taper EVO is an affordable and durable option that’s not too heavy to handle. 

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Fasst Flexx Dirt Bike Handlebars: For those that enjoy dirt bike riding as a hobby, this handlebar is great for long rides. Fasst Flexx handlebars are designed to absorb high-frequency abuse and catastrophic impacts. They focus on an ergonomic design and offer a range of handlebar bends to accommodate different riders. The only downside of this handlebar brand tends to be on the expensive side. 

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Fly Racing Aero Tapered Handlebars: There are many brands and types of handlebars that offer versatile options but the Fly Racing Aero Tapered Handlebars is one of the top options. They come in a range of bends, styles and color availability with quality materials. This is an ideal handlebar for beginner riders because it offers configuration options and is a generally sturdy handlebar. 

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