Best Dirt Bike Grips

best dirt bike grips
best dirt bike grips

Best Dirt Bike Grips – A dirt bike key is one of the essentials for a smooth and comfortable ride. They help protect against arm pump and vibration and even prevent blisters. Aside from this, they help with control on rough terrains. If you want to choose the best dirt bike grips, there are different factors and options to consider. The two main things you need to understand are the different types of grip density and grip texture. Let’s start with grip density. There are three types of grip densities and they are as follows:

Soft Grip – These grips are great under different weather conditions and give you the most grip. They also absorb vibrations better than the other densities.

Medium Grip – If you want more well-rounded grips, these are the type of bike grips to look for. Their benefits include plenty of grip absorption, a great grip, and a hold that won’t wear out your gloves.

Hard Grip – Compared to other grips, a hard grip lasts longer, but they don’t have as much grip or control. Some may consider this the low-end option but it does have its benefits for those who a veteran riders. ‘

When it comes to grip textures, there are three main options to know. They are diamond, waffle, and pillow. There is also the option for half diamond or half waffle. The names are easy indicators on how to identify them. Just think of a grip with either diamonds, squares with groves, or raised squares.

Best Dirt Bike Grips: Top Options

Understanding the factors involved in determining a good dirt bike grip is one thing. But if you want to know the best option for your bike, it can help to know the top options in the market. Here are some top options to consider:

Pro Taper Pillow Lite Grips – This product is ideal for those that are professional dirt bike riders. The Pro Taper brand is a household name among dirt bike riders and its products are often chosen due to it often catering to riders. The pillow lite product is a stylish and comfortable option you can install onto your dirt bike. In addition to this, the thickness makes for great vibration protection and the product is ideal for those on a budget.

Renthal Black Diamond Grips – What makes these grips so great is that they offer a good grip while somehow maintaining a smooth feel. Aside from this, they can be customizable in terms of compound and color. If that isn’t enough, they have very good resistance to tearing and abrasion and an optimum combination of strength, tackiness, and shock absorption.

Scott Dirt Bike Grips – If you’re looking for a set of dirt bike grips that will ease your riding experience, this is the product for you. What makes them stand out? Their dual-density grips. With this feature, you get grips with a soft and durable material with a substantial grip. Basically, they’re made to decrease arm fatigue but also allow you to keep your bike under control.


If you want to choose the best dirt bike grips, always keep the textures and density options in mind. Knowing the best options may narrow down which are affordable and durable, but not all of the top choices match your preference or bike. In the end, however, information is key when choosing any dirt bike feature.

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