Best Dirt Bike Chain

best dirt bike chain
best dirt bike chain

Best Dirt Bike Chain – A good bike chain is key if you want a smooth ride. However, given that dirt bikes tend to go through all kinds of terrain, the chain can get worn down if you’re not careful. At worst, you end up with a broken chain. Are you looking for the best chain for your dirt bike? All bike chains are not created equal. There are many options with different benefits. Like any other dirt bike feature, there a different factors to consider when picking the best option. Whether you want something long-lasting or a versatile product, there is a range of products to choose from.

Types of Dirt Bike Chains

The first thing you need to understand when choosing the best chain for your dirt bike, there are certain types that fit different bikes. With bike chains, there are O-ring chains and X-ring chains among others. O-ring chains are a type of chain that uses a rubber O-ring between the inner and outer link plates to keep in chain grease and help provide a longer lifespan for the chain.

X-ring chains, on the other hand, are similar to O-rings except for the area where the seal touches the chain itself is minimized, providing less friction of the chain against the X-ring. The main difference between the two is that O-rings are mostly used in general dirt bikes while the latter is ideal for high-performing bikes. Read more on How To Clean A Dirt Bike Chain?

What to Consider When Getting Dirt Bike Chains

Choosing a good dirt bike chain depends on different factors. Generally, there are six factors to consider. While it is helpful to find something within your budget and durable, there are other important points to consider. For one, it is important to know the tensile strength, lest your chain breaks under the weight of your bike.

To know what chain can be installed, it helps to count the links to determine the length. It also helps to know different chain features that can benefit your bike. Last but not least, you need to consider how easy or difficult it would be to install the chain. If you want to know which are good chains, knowing the best in the market can help. You can consider this information When To Change A Dirt Bike Chain? before making any decision about dirt bike chain.

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Top Options to Choose From

There are many different chain products that can be considered the “best.” If you want to get something reliable for your bike though, here are some top options to consider:

DID Gold Link 120 Chain – This is one of the top products you can choose for your dirt bike. Not only does it have a listed tensile strength of 8,800 pounds, but it is low friction sealed. They are high-performance chains that are best used on bikes with a large displacement engine of up to 1,000 cc’s.

Niche Gold 530 X-Ring Sealed Chain – If you are someone who frequently rides their dirt bike or someone in the racing scene, this is one chain to consider. It has special X-ring seals in grease and provides less friction than regular O-ring type chains. It also has a tensile strength of over 9,400 pounds.

DID Standard 530 non-O-ring Chain – For simpler bikes, this is the chain to choose from. It has a tensile strength of 7,200 pounds and offers quality manufacturing at affordable prices. It also has a simple but efficient design for a comfortable ride.


Between the different types of bike chains and the factors involved, there are many options that can be considered “the best dirt bike chain” depending on the bike. Knowing the top options, however, can definitely help narrow down a list. In the end, the important thing is that you get a reliable chain for your dirt bike.

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