Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids
Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Kids – Dirt bike boots are one of the most important gear items you can get as a dirt bike rider. While there is a range of dirt bike boots to choose from, such as MX Boots and boots for trail riding, it is important to choose the right set of boots. Not all boots fit every rider. An example of this is riders with wide feet. If you are looking for a set of boots to fit your children, there are different options and factors to keep in mind.

Factors for Choosing Boots for Kids

Safety Features:

When it comes to dirt bike boots, safety is the top priority, especially for young riders. Off-road riding poses risks to your child’s legs, particularly from the knee down, making proper protection essential.

Quality boots safeguard your child’s feet, ankles, and calves from potential injuries. They offer protection from being crushed between the bike’s components, shield against hot engine parts and exhaust, and provide impact resistance.

Look for boots with adequate TPU protection for the shin, ankle, and toe box. Another crucial feature is a heat-resistant protective panel on the inner side of the boot, which also improves grip and bike control.

The type of outer sole is a personal preference, with two options available: the traditional stitched-on sole or the bonded sole.

Boot Comfort:

Choosing boots that fit properly and are comfortable is crucial for your child’s riding experience. If they feel uncomfortable in their gear, they may be reluctant to wear it, which can impact safety.

Comfortable boots not only enhance the riding enjoyment but also contribute to better riding skills.

An essential aspect of boot comfort is ankle flexibility, which allows riders to have a good feel of the gear shifter and brake lever for precise bike control.

Boots that are overly stiff may hinder the ability to sense the shifter’s movement. Thus, having adequate ankle flex is vital.

Your Budget:

Like any purchase, it’s essential to consider your budget when selecting dirt bike boots for your child.

Higher-priced boots generally offer more advanced protection features. However, recent technological advancements have trickled down to mid and entry-level boots, providing improved features at more affordable price points.

Ultimately, the amount you choose to invest in the boots will determine the level of protection they provide for your young rider.

Top Options in the Market

If you are unsure what kind of boots will work best for your child, here are some great options to consider:

Answer Youth AR1 Boots

The Answer Youth AR1 Boots are budget-friendly, durable, and come in different sizes and colors for dirt bike enthusiasts. They provide excellent impact protection from toe to calf, with added safety features like a suede heat shield. The boots ensure comfort and security with flat TPR material at the top and molded guards, along with easy-to-use Velcro brand fasteners. The flat medial part prevents stitches from breaking out and allows better contact with the bike. Equipped with steel toe caps and D3O® inserts, these boots offer both protection and comfort with good air circulation. A great choice for young dirt bike riders considering the price.

Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots

The Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots are an excellent choice for young motocross enthusiasts. Available in sizes K10 to K13, they come in two color options, black for both boys and girls, and a pink and black combination for girls. Priced around $110, these boots offer comfort and flexibility with synthetic leather and TPR for durability. They prioritize comfort while still providing decent protection, including reinforced TPU in the toe and back sections. 

The buckle closure system allows adjustability, and the reduced shoe height offers better calf adaptation and flexibility. The 3D mesh lining promotes good air circulation for a dry, comfortable feel. The removable insole provides extra space as kids grow. For lasting use, it’s suggested to choose one size up. Overall, the Fox Racing Kids Comp Boots offer a great combination of design, comfort, and value for young riders.

Alpinestars Kids Tech 3S Boots

The 2021 Tech 3S boots from Alpinestars are designed specifically for entry-level PeeWee riders, incorporating features from the Youth and Adult Tech 7 boots. These junior boots use a two-buckle system with a Velcro top fixing for easy fitting. They offer excellent protection with a coated leather upper, suede, and PU reinforcements, including a shin guard and molded toe protector. The boots feature a 3-stage instep flex zone for comfort and control, along with a unique rubber outsole design for grip and support. With a reasonable price and Alpinestars’ reputation for quality, these boots ensure the best protection for your child while they enjoy their riding experience.

Moose Racing Kids M1.3 MX Boots

The Moose Racing Kids M1.3 MX Boots are designed for safety and performance. They come in two colors and 4 kids’ sizes (10 to 13). There are also Youth 1 to 7 sizes, including an orange variant, at a slightly higher price. Made with polyurethane coated synthetic leather, the boots are abrasion-resistant, flexible, and provide ultimate protection and style. The multi-layer synthetic rubber outsole ensures durability and excellent traction, while the reinforced steel shank sole improves stability without sacrificing mobility. 

Tested and certified to European standards (EN 13634:2015), the boots offer impact and cut resistance. They feature a secure closure strap with an adjustable metal buckle, along with safety elements like heavyweight suede inner calf guards and soft EVA foam in impact areas for comfort. The polyester inner lining wicks away moisture, ensuring ventilation and comfort. With an internal lace loop system for ankle stability, the M1.3 MX boots are an affordable and protective option for young riders.

O’Neal Kid’s Rider Pro Boots

The O’Neal Kid’s Rider Pro Boots are excellent entry-level riding boots for young riders. They are versatile and protective, suitable for MX, Enduro, Trail, and ATV use. Made with microfiber and TPU construction, these boots offer a true-to-size fit for Kids 10 to 13 (also called Youth 10 to 13). There are also Youth 1 to 6 sizes available as Youth Rider Pro Boots. The boots have a steel toe cap and TPU protection for impact defense. 

Padded heels offer crush protection, while the low-profile rubber sole ensures stability and comfort. With three adjustable buckles and a 2-stage closing mechanism, they provide an efficient and secure fit. The boots have a 3D mesh lining to dissipate heat and a Velcro closure on top for a snug fit. Reinforced with grippy materials, they are durable and tested according to European safety standards (EN13634: 2017). Overall, these boots are a great option for young riders, offering essential features at a reasonable price.

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