Dirt Bike Winter Gear

dirt bike winter gear
dirt bike winter gear

Dirt Bike Winter Gear – The winter season can be a hassle for many who like to do outdoor activities. While there may be winter activities for outdoor enthusiasts, it just isn’t the same for those who like to do activities like dirt bike riding. Dirt bike riding is possible to do in the winter, but you need to be aware that there are certain things to keep in mind when riding in cold weather. For one thing, you can’t just use your regular gear. There is, in fact, specific dirt bike gear that is designed to help you keep warm when driving.

Dirt bike winter gear typically includes insulated jackets, pants, gloves, and boots that are designed to withstand cold temperatures and wet conditions. Some winter dirt bike gear also includes electric heating elements that can be powered by the bike’s electrical system, providing additional warmth to the rider. In addition to insulation and weather protection, this type of gear also provides essential protection in case of a fall or collision, with durable materials such as Kevlar and reinforced padding.

Basic Dirt Bike Winter Gear

To give you an idea of how you can enjoy a dirt bike ride during the winter, here are some items to have in hand/wear:

Base Layers

When riding in the cold, it’s important to remember that you will eventually warm up. Wear base layers under your riding gear to stay warm, and to help manage moisture and air circulation. When you start to sweat, you’ll quickly cool down, but if you wear a base layer that wicks away sweat, you won’t feel the cold air on your damp body. Make sure to wear enough layers to keep you comfortable, but not too many that you overheat. You can choose from pants, shirts, shorts, and sleeves depending on your personal preferences and tolerance for cold temperatures.


When you ride in cold weather, the wind-chill factor can be a big problem. Even at 50 degrees, you can get cold when you ride fast. At 30 degrees, it’s even worse, especially for your hands. Regular gloves won’t protect them from the wind, so you need windproof gloves like the Fly Racing Windproof Lite gloves or the 100% Hydromatic Waterproof gloves. Gloves are the most important thing to wear to stay warm. Even if your body warms up, your hands might not, and they can start to hurt a lot, which will make you stop riding.

Riding Jackets

Jackets are different from base layers because you can take them off easily if you get too hot. Riding jackets are good for mild to cold weather because you can put them on or take them off as needed. But, if you’re riding in extreme weather, jackets can also help you warm up before you take them off and rely on your base layer. Some jackets can even repel water to keep you dry and warm in wet weather.

Extra Tips for Dirt Bike Winter Gear

You already have the basics covered with your helmet, goggles, and boots, but have you considered adding some extra gear? A chest protector, knee braces, kidney belt, and elbow and wrist guards don’t just provide protection, they also keep you warm. If you’re hesitant to wear extra gear because it’s bulky or too hot in the summer, try using the off-season to get used to it. That way, you’ll be ready for some intense riding next summer.

If you don’t ride very often during the winter, you can try a cheaper approach to staying warm. Layer up with an extra T-shirt or two. Add sweatpants under your riding pants, and a sweatshirt or flannel jacket under your jersey. Just don’t forget to invest in good gloves to protect your hands.

Aside from this, it’s best to leave the scarf at home. It can get caught in the bike’s moving parts and cause an accident.

Finally, it’s important to stay hydrated even in cold weather. You still sweat and lose water and electrolytes. Therefore, make sure to take the same pre-ride precautions as you would in the summer.

Aside from all this, you can check out a guide to all-year dirt bike gear. You can also explore how you can ride in the snow and the best bike for it.

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