5 Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets

Dirt Bike Bluetooth Communicators are often targeted toward the road riding market, with the Dirt Bike Sector still lagging in the use of this technology. The best dirt bike Bluetooth headsets for Dual Sport/Adventure riders are as follows in this below article. I’ve researched what is available, and have selected the best options for you. For dirt bike riders, Bluetooth communicators are a great investment. Several companies make communicators with Bluetooth capabilities, but only a handful come with features that are designed for off-road riders. In this article we will discuss Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets.

Safety First

Most people believe the use of a motorcycle Bluetooth communicator is dangerous and should not be allowed. Some people argue that the use of a motorcycle Bluetooth communicator is helpful in emergencies, but others disagree. When you are distracted by your music, you might not be able to react fast enough to a car pulling out in front of you, or a tricky obstacle to navigate. 

Some riders prefer to ride in the wilderness, away from people and other distractions. That’s why it depends on your preference, and what you value most. Some people love their riding so much that they want to keep in touch with their friends and ride buddies. This is a great way to make new friends while you’re riding, and to keep up with what everyone’s been doing since your last ride.

The technology for smartphones, tablets, etc., is constantly evolving to make them more useful. Nowadays, it’s only natural to be connected in our daily lives – at work, at home, on our bikes, and even on our motorcycles.

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets 

1: Sena 10R-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets

The ideal choice for dirt bikers is the Sena 10R. It’s slim and lightweight. It’s the most low-profile of any of the externally mounted Bluetooth devices. The SMH10 is a lighter-weight version of the SMH10R. It is compatible with the helmet you currently own. Your battery can be replaced, which means you can buy extra batteries so that you always have enough power.

With the 10R, you can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions on your GPS navigation, and have intercom conversations with up to four other riders. The advanced noise control in this model reduces noise in both incoming and outgoing audio for both parties. These Bluetooth music playback control headphones have a range of up to 50 meters, and the play, pause, track forward and back controls will let you select your preferred music playlist, and adjust its volume level. The best-performing Bluetooth audio streaming feature is the track forward / back and pauses functions. Each audio source has an adjustable volume level.

If your riding buddies are using different Bluetooth brands you don’t have a problem because the 10R’s Universal Intercom is compatible with all other Bluetooth communication systems on the market. The Sena 10R can be linked to the Bluetooth Headset App. Here’s how to control your home through Alexa. You’ll learn how to create your Alexa skill, add contacts, create groups of people you’d like to communicate with, and manage your Alexa skills. Pair with up to two mobile phones for hands-free calling. The Bluetooth-enabled hand grip allows you to control your music and navigation functions with ease from the handlebars of your motorcycle.


Low-profile design

These are relatively easy to install

Quick power-on and pairing


At higher volumes speaker sound distorts.

An Antenna like used in the 10U would be best for an increased range. Range limited to 0.5 miles. 

These are not waterproof.

2: Cardo Packtalk Bold/Slim Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets

The Packtalk Bold and Packtalk Slim are the same in terms of technology and features. The difference in the price range and size of the head unit is very evident. This is the better unit to buy if you are going to walk more than 1 mile/1.6km at a time. The Slim has a separate battery that allows the control unit to be lower on the back of the helmet.

Although it is a little less powerful, the battery life is still good for a bike with this power range. Whether you ride a dirt bike or a road bike, you’ll find that it will last you a long time. One of the best features of Packtalk is Dynamic Mesh Communications. It lets you communicate directly with your customers, without the need for a human to route messages between you and them. This technology is an important breakthrough for cellphones because it allows them to talk to each other in the presence of other wireless communications devices such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, WiFi routers, and the like.

When riders enter the range with other members of their group, they automatically rejoin the group. Riders can leave the group and stay in their private range. A group of riders can operate independently and then combine with other groups as they ride closer together. This bike-to-bike mesh system can go as far as 5 miles on a single charge. There are no limits to how many riders can be in the same group, and set up only takes a few seconds. You can also connect the Packtalk to any Bluetooth headset.

If one part of the Bluetooth chain is missing, the whole thing will come crashing down. If a rider rejoins, the rider must request access to the person they were paired with. All riders of dirt bike would have to stop to reconnect. The Cardo PackTalk is the only downside to this pack, but it’s only a problem for a small number of users.


Dynamic Mesh Communication

Good battery life


Voice-activated function

Complete installation guide provided in the package


The maximum volume level may not be loud enough for some people when they’re driving.

Gloves may be a challenge for some people to control the wheel

3: Cardo Freecom 1 Plus Motorcycle 2-way Bluetooth Communication System

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headsets

The Freecom 1 Plus is a budget-friendly choice for those who want to connect to GPS, make and receive phone calls, or if combined with a second Freecom 1 Plus, communicate with a passenger. But because it’s for two people, it doesn’t have the range of Cardo’s higher-end models. It has a useful range of up to about 10m. The Freecom 1 Plus now has the intercom capability, so it can be used as a pillion or it can be used by itself. This is an extremely slim aerodynamic design, only 16 mm tall, making it easy to put in a purse or pocket.

Thanks to its fully waterproof design, With these headsets, the dirt bike is also ready to ride when the weather turns stormy. It features rain-guard lens protection and dual-zone LED headlights, so you never have to worry about puddles or blinding lights in the dark. Only a few competing brands are water-resistant.

When you’re riding solo or with the occasional passenger, you want the ability to make and receive calls, navigate on a GPS, and stream music from the built-in FM radio. With the Freecom 1 Plus, you’ll be connected to stay in touch. With built-in Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth streaming audio, and an intuitive user interface, the Freecom Plus is our top pick for smart speakers. It is also the only speaker that offers automatic volume and volume leveling, letting you set one volume level and have it automatically adjust itself as needed. With its 40mm speakers and a special design, this Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to your collection and makes a great gift for someone else. It offers a 2-year warranty on all of its communication sets. 


Complete installation guide provided in the package

It has a good battery life



The Firmware update must be used by connecting to a computer system.

4: Sena 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The Sena 20S EVO is an updated version of the popular Sena 20S that includes a more robust speaker system, USB charging port, and more. The new version features a new fixed-type shark fin antenna as opposed to the original flip-up type antenna. With the new design, the intercom is more stable, which increases the signal and audio quality. The range is still the same as the 20S. Other than that, the charging door has opened up and there’s a little more room for people to stand in front of it

On the EVO version, it opens bottom up, making it more efficient for waterproofing. You’re still getting 16 hours of talk time, and 12 days of Stand-by time. The Sena S-02 Plus is a high-performance wireless speaker that allows up to 8 people to chat together at once and can play music from Spotify or Pandora.

The Sena Advanced Noise Control system makes sure that the ambient noise around you doesn’t affect incoming or outgoing audio. Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides you with high-quality stereo audio quality. It’s called the ‘Sena 20S Audio Multitasking’ because it lets you hear two conversations at once.

Audio features don’t interrupt each other; they simply overlap each other for seamless listening. Connect your 20S EVO to the Sena Headset App (iPhone and Android) and set up your device settings for convenient and effortless use. The quick-start guide also comes with the device. If you have a mobile device and are connected to a 3G or 4G network, you can ride connected to a range of almost unlimited riders.


Easy installation, setup, and pairing system

Fast power-on and connection

Good battery life

Easy to work with gloves


Inconsistency of volumes between devices 

The intercom range is less than 1.2 miles claimed

5: LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

The LEXIN LX-B4FM is an affordable headset that uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to up to 4 riders over a range of 1 mile. You can listen to hi-fi stereo music for up to 15 hours, make and receive phone calls and receive GPS navigation directions for 15 hours also. It can charge quickly, you can access the Siri function, and its speakers produce a powerful, clear sound that you won’t find elsewhere. This helmet has interchangeable microphones, so you can choose between a boom microphone, a button mic, and a wireless microphone. This stylish, yet durable case is waterproof, so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your iPhone when it rains. If you don’t have the cash to drop on a high-end headset, the Lexin LX-B4FM could be just the right unit for you. It has a lot of the features of the more expensive models for a quarter of the price


Affordable and good Price

Easy setup and pairing


Volume buttons a little on the small side

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