Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil
Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil

Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil – There is a lot to know about a dirt bike air filter. As the vital filtration system that ensures only clean air is supplied to the engine, maintenance is key for this component. A well-maintained dirt bike air filter is a key ingredient for a smooth and powerful ride. While there is a way to clean an air filter, it helps to have an air filter oil. Air filter oil is a specialized lubricant that treats foam air filters, preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine and maintaining its performance and durability.

There are two main types of foam filter oils: motor filter oils derived from petroleum and plant-based or synthetic filter oils, and it’s important for beginners to understand the difference between air filter oil and engine oil as they have distinct purposes; for two-stroke dirt bikes, using the correct 2-stroke oil designed for optimal engine performance is crucial.

What to Know About Different Air Filter Oils

As stated, there are two types of oils you can apply to your air filter. What’s the difference between the two? They are as follows:

Petroleum Oil

Using regular motor oil as an air filter oil for dirtbikes is not ideal, but in limited cases without alternatives, it can be used temporarily. Regular motor oil doesn’t perform as well as synthetic oils, as it doesn’t absorb uniformly into the air filters, leaving certain areas more prone to dirt. Moreover, motor oil can leak and create buildup in the airbox. It’s generally advised to use specialized air filter oils for better performance and protection.

Synthetic Oil

When choosing oil for your dirt bike air filter, synthetic oil is a good option as it provides excellent engine lubrication in extreme conditions, prevents sludge buildup, and maintains viscosity over time. If you prefer not to use synthetic oil, low-viscosity conventional engine oil is a suitable alternative that is gentler on the engine and avoids sludge buildup.

Best Dirt Bike Air Filter Oil: The Options

Now that we have an idea of the importance of air filter oils and the options available, let’s take a look at the top options in the market:

Lucas Oil High-Performance Foam Filter Oil

Lucas Oil High-Performance Foam Filter Oil is a top-notch product designed to protect your engine and keep it running smoothly. Unlike other filter oils, this one goes the extra mile by providing deep and ultimate protection while also lubricating the engine’s surface. By using this oil, you can prevent potential problems such as squeaking, rust, and water damage. 


Protects the bike’s exterior.

Improves bike airflow.

Low viscosity.


Inhalation of the oil can be dangerous.

Maxima Racing Oils Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit

The Maxima Racing Oils Air Filter Maintenance Aerosol Combo Kit is a great choice for dirt bike owners with sensitive air filters, heavy traffic, or extreme weather conditions. The kit includes Fab1 Spray-on Air Filter Oil with a powerful silicone additive that waterproofs the filter, resisting moisture and debris buildup. It extends the life of the filter oil up to 3 months, keeping your air filter protected and functioning well.


Heavy-duty emulsion cleaner.

Effective in washing out dirt and water.

Suitable for both foam and fabric filters.


Use caution when using it indoors, as it can be dangerous.

K&N Air Filter Oil

K&N Air Filter Oil is a specialized oil designed for K&N air filters to boost performance by up to 30%. It improves horsepower, gas mileage, acceleration, and control. This product not only oils but also cleans your dirt bike, keeping it dirt-free inside and out. One application can provide up to a year of clean engine breathing.  The oil penetrates the filter pleats, providing complete coverage and protection.


Easy penetration of the filter plates.

Enhances dirt bike efficiency.

Provides protection for both internal and external bike parts.


Spray quality could be improved.

If you want to check out other maintenance materials, you should check out our best dirt bike oils and cleaners. To explore more about air cleaners, check out our top options for air filters. 

Learn how a high-quality dirt bike air filter can boost your bike’s performance and longevity. Otherwise learn the impact of different oils and how wrong gases in a dirt bike can lead to consequences.

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