How To Clean An Air Filter

how to clean an air filter
how to clean an air filter

How To Clean An Air Filter – A dirt bike has many different parts that require maintenance when the need calls for it. One of them is the air filter. A dirt bike air filter safeguards sensitive engine parts, improves airflow, and boosts combustion efficiency. It does this by filtering out dust and dirt from entering the engine. You can find the filter between the airbox and the carburetor or fuel injection system.

Dirt bike air filters can be classified into two types: oiled and dry. Dry filters, usually made of foam, provide better particulate filtration compared to paper filters. However, as they accumulate dirt, their density can restrict airflow. On the other hand, oiled air filters, often constructed with oiled cotton gauze, are widely used in dirt bikes. They strike a balance between filtration and airflow, offering effective protection against contaminants while maintaining proper air circulation. Like any other filter, a dirt bike filter needs to be cleaned.

Why is it so important to clean an air filter? Cleaning a dirt bike air filter allows the engine to work at its best, ensuring maximum power and responsiveness. Regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter is essential to maintain peak performance and protect the engine from damage. Just as there is a guide to cleaning a bike, there is a guide to cleaning an air filter.

The Guide

When it comes to maintaining an air filter, there are a few steps that you need to follow, and a few tools to help you out. These tools include protective gear, cleaning solution, and oil. As for the steps, they are as follows:

Remove and check the air filter: To maintain your vehicle’s air filter, follow these steps: Wear gloves before removing the filter. Wipe it with a damp cloth to prevent dirt from entering the intake. Take caution when removing the filter as it may be coated in oil and debris. If the filter is damaged, consider replacing it. Otherwise, it should remain effective for a significant distance traveled.

Apply the turpentine: To clean the air filter effectively, start by removing the old oil present throughout the filter. Turpentine is a suitable choice for breaking down the oil residue. Apply turpentine to the filter and ensure it penetrates by gently squeezing it. Then, firmly squeeze the filter to eliminate the remaining dirt. Repeat this process a few times if necessary to thoroughly remove as much oil as possible.

Wash the air filter: Once the air filter has been cleaned using turpentine, proceed to wash it thoroughly. Opt for dishwashing liquid or detergent as it effectively removes oil, resulting in a cleaner filter. After washing, allow the air filter to dry completely to ensure no water remains trapped within it.

Oil and Grease the Air Filter: Once the air filter is dry, apply new filter oil. Place the filter in a secure plastic bag and add the oil. Gently move the bag to coat the entire filter, checking for any dry areas. Also, apply grease to the rim, cage, or housing edges before reinserting the air filter. This creates a better seal and stops dirt from getting past the filter.

Reinsert the Air Filter: After completing the previous steps, proceed to reinsert the air filter into your bike. Screw it securely back into place and reattach any covers that were removed. Finally, start your bike to assess its sound and performance. Learn how a high-quality dirt bike air filter can boost your bike’s performance and longevity Read More.


By keeping this guide in mind, you can be assured of a smooth ride. In addition to caring for the air filter, make sure to check your tires and chain. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your dirt bike in top shape. It also helps to check out any maintenance guides. If you want to check out more on air filters, you should consider our list of best dirt bike air filters.

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