YZ 125 : The Cool Dirt Bike for Fun Rides

One of the best starter bikes you can find in the market if you are a beginner that is training to learn to ride. These are what the YZ 125 is made of.

Ready to race out-of-the-crate, complete with a ProTaper aluminum handlebar, titanium footpegs and gripper seat. A pure motocross machine, the light and nimble YZ125 is the perfect choice for riders stepping up from the 85cc class.

ModelYamaha YZ 125
Engine2-stroke, single cylinder
Valve ConfigurationNone
Capacity124 cc (7.6 cu in)
Bore x Stroke54.0 mm x 54.5 mm
Compression Ratio8.6~10.7:1
Cooling system typeLiquid cooled
InductionMikuni® TMX 38mm
Top Speed78mph
TransmissionSix-speed with wet multi-disc manual clutch
Wheelbase56.8 in
FrameAluminum Steel Frame
Front suspensionKYB Speed-Sensitive System inverted fork; fully adjustable, 11.8-in travel
Rear SuspensionKYB single shock; fully adjustable, 12.4-in travel
Front Brake Diameter (in/mm)Hydraulic disc, 270mm
Rear Brake Diameter (in/mm)Hydraulic disc, 245mm
Front Tires80/100-21
Rear Tires100/90-19
Seat height38 in / 965.2 mm
Fuel capacity2.1 gal
Wet Weight207 lb

The YZ 125 is a popular dirt bike made by Yamaha. It’s known for being fun and easy to ride, making it a favorite for many riders. Let’s learn more about the YZ 125 in simple words.

The YZ 125 is a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are motorcycles designed for off-road riding. This means they are great for riding on trails, in the woods, or on dirt tracks.

Why Do People Like the YZ 125?

YZ 125

People like the YZ 125 for many reasons:

  1. Lightweight: This bike is not too heavy. This makes it easy to handle, especially for beginners.
  2. Powerful Engine: It has a 125cc engine, which gives it plenty of power for fun rides.
  3. Great Suspension: The suspension system helps the bike handle bumps and jumps smoothly.
  4. Easy to Maintain: This is simple to take care of. You don’t need to do a lot of work to keep it running well.

Who Can Ride the YZ 125?

This bike is perfect for different types of riders:

  • Beginners: If you are new to dirt biking, the YZ 125 is a good choice because it’s easy to control.
  • Young Riders: It’s also great for younger riders who want to start riding dirt bikes.
  • Experienced Riders: Even if you have been riding for a long time, you will still enjoy the YZ 125 because of its powerful engine and fun ride.

Key Features

Here are some cool features:

  • Two-Stroke Engine: This type of engine is known for being light and powerful.
  • Adjustable Suspension: You can adjust the suspension to make your ride smoother.
  • Light Frame: The frame is made from lightweight materials, making the bike easy to handle.
  • Good Brakes: This has strong brakes that help you stop quickly and safely.

Care Tips

Taking care of your dirt bike 125 is important to keep it running well. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Check the Oil: Make sure there is enough oil in the engine.
  2. Clean the Air Filter: The air filter should be clean to keep the engine running smoothly.
  3. Check the Tires: Make sure the tires are in good condition and have the right amount of air.
  4. Inspect the Brakes: Check the brakes regularly to make sure they are working well.

Why Choose this Dirt Bike?

If you want a dirt bike that is fun, easy to ride, and reliable, this YZ is a great choice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this bike offers everything you need for an exciting ride.


The YZ 125 is a fantastic dirt bike made by Yamaha. It’s lightweight, powerful, and easy to maintain, making it a favorite for riders of all ages and skill levels. If you’re looking for a fun and reliable dirt bike, the YZ 125 is a perfect pick. Read more on Gas Gas 250

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