A great start of the year was clearly in line for FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Cody Webb as he had a compelling win during the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro held in Decatur, Texas. Aboard his brand new KTM 250 XC-W TPI (fuel injected two-stroke), Webb managed to overcome three motors that guided him in earning a faultless score at that day. His spotlight came on Saturday as he grabbed the first place during the timed qualifying sessions to receive the pole place for Sunday’s race. The said event had a three-race arrangement. Each of the arrangement involves a slightly diverse challenge in store for the riders.

“I was really happy with my riding all weekend,” said Webb. “In the final race, I was able to make it through all the lappers and open up a nice gap on the rest of the field.

“It was really good to have my fastest lap on the final lap of the race as well. It was my first time on the all-new KTM 250 XC-W TPI and it was a great way to start the extreme enduro season for 2018.”

During the first race, Webb hadn’t had a good start due to some problem but he pushed forward and passed each other riders in front of him eventually taking the lead position from the rest. Starting from there, Webb revved up even more and made a considerable gap. At the end he took his first win following one and half hours of racing.

A one hour competition was in stored for the second race of the day but just like in his first race, he had a rather slow start but he in due course he managed to gain the upper hand and take the lead. Upon reaching the lead, Webb didn’t waste any more time and roared until he reached the finish line.

But perhaps the most tiring race of the day was the third race. Regardless of being the one with the shortest amount of time, it was considered to be the most challenging. With a total of 45 minutes of racing, Webb had immediately worked his way into the lead spot at the start of the race. He then created a space from the other riders. The third and final loop proved to be much more practical than the preceding two laps, which made for a complicated time to pass lapped traffic late in the race. Regardless of the obstacles ahead, Webb had made it through eventually earning his third victory of the day.

David Knight travelling to Texas for the RevLimiter finished fourth in overall on top of his Gas Gas.

“What a fun, tough weekend racing here in Texas at the Rev Limiter,” said Knight on Facebook. “In race 1&2 I was running a good second behind Cody but had an issue so lost my clutch both races and ended fourth.

“We got it sorted finally for race 3, a shorter track and much more difficult over 45 minutes and ran a close second closing in with a couple of laps left only to lose a few minutes when a rider had a big crash and blocked the track.

“But well happy with the bike and myself as riding well all day and will be good with a bit of luck. Thanks to everyone for who helped me and gave me loads of support, it really was a pleasure to race in Texas again and I’ll defiantly be back soon.”

The RevLimiter manifest the opening round of the new AMA Extreme Enduro Championship for the year 2018.

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