The third round of the European Enduro Championships kicks off this weekend in Burg, Germany.

This round is like the previous one in Estonia last month. It will be set in a relatively flat terrain with no uphill and mountains. At approximately 80km long and 95% offroad, the track will be physically tiring for all competitors.

The ground is mostly sandy and the forest is mixed with lots of tree roots and can bae very bumpy. But for those local riders, they might have a slight advantage for this location have already been used in the German Championship for over 20 years.

There will be one motocross and two endure test for every three laps. It will add up to over one hour of test. In addition, the starting line will be in the center of the town for the endure to be presented to the spectators.

A total of 160 riders are going to participate this weekend. Italian Oscar Balleti, the championship leader overall, comes into the round with a lead in front of his countryman Matteo Pavoni. Even the favorite is the reigning German champion Dennis Schröter who had already proven himself in Estonia as a wildcard. He is well known as a specialist in sandy terrain in Germany.

The KTM rider has had won all races so far in the E1 class and it seems as if he wants to continue this until he reaches the title. So, this should not impress the Swede Andreas Linusson.

For the Brit Jamie Lewis, the local german riders will be his biggest rivals in the E2 Class. Marco Neubert, the current champion, as well as Davide von Zitzewitz will certainly benefit from their home advantage.

In the E3 class, Oscar Balleti’s lead in the E3 championship is not as secured. The one that could be potentially dangerous for him in the championship is Rannar Uusna from Estonia because he is used to such conditions.

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