Taylor Robert was the one that claimed the victory in the recent AMA Hare Scramble Pro Class category out of almost 400 contestants. The said event was held in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Right behind Robert was Tyrstan Hart and Dante Oliveira in second and third place respectrively. The track was mostly composed of cactus-strewn desert course to 2018 AMA KENDA SRT West Hare Scramble Championship at a rider favourite track within Arizona.

In the Pro Class, it was an overwhelming win from Taylor Robert which he considered to be one of his personal favorites. In the near the beginning of the race, Max Gerston was in the second place followed by Oliveira in third and Travis Coy barely seconds at the back of Oliviera. But this standing didn’t last long as we saw a shuffle in positions during the second lap as Hart managed to overtake Gerston.



Taylor Robert on the other hand was in a league of his own as he made it sure that the margin between him and the rest is distant. Oliveira stirred himself up on the way to third for the third lap at the back of Coy. An intense clash for the fourth spot is observed as Jacob Argubright, Kendall Norman, and Gerston were all eager to surpass each other. By the end of the race, it was Norman who finished in fourth with Gerston fifth and Argubright sixth. An effort to overtake Oliviera in the third spot was unsuccessful as he also made sure that Norman won’t be able to catch up pretty easily.

In the Pro2 and Pro 250; the talk of the championship is great. By means of both classes opening on the same line, the stacked line-up made competition for the holeshot remarkable. At the begging of the race, Justin Bonita revved up and kept the lead all to himself as Trystan Hart, Max Gerston, and many more eager and competent riders behind him are roaring to take the lead. A win from Clay Hengeveld, in front of Spencer Wilton and Jeremy Wilton in third place was the result in the Pro 250. In the first lap, it was Wilton who was leading the pack but it was taken from him during the second lap by Hengeveld.

In the Pro 250 class, S. Wilton had to encounter all the way through the group to obtain his end result. Subsequent to a small number of close calls in his clash with Kyle Hutcheson, Wilton in due course seized on for third place on top of the podium.

A smart move and play was displayed by Brandy Richards as she favored the assortment of rapid and tighter parts taking place on the field. This strategy played to her advantage and eventually took home the overall win for the Women’s class. In second place was Shelby Turner who had also displayed her flexibility and skills as she conquered the technical sections.  Nicole Bradford is in third place in addition to stealing the holeshot and ripping all the way through the rest of the course.

On Saturday morning, the first race to begin was the Pee Wee race with a track of about 1.5 mile. The racers aboard their 50cc raced with fun and excitement. Leading them was John Nordling for the entirety of the race. In second place were Nathan Sanders and Lucas Carter in third.

The 65cc race, in addition, saw the 85cc in the Jr. and Jr. Girls class. Ryder Thomaselli led the group and the whole race subsequent to competing for the holeshot among Jace Vogt. Ruffin Dodson was close behind in second, and was definitely exhausted by the technical sections. Jace Vogt completed third.

In the Big Wheel Race, Seven Diaz was the winner as he made the holeshot off the cactus filled start line. Diaz made an effort to reach the front spot and managed to remain there for the entire race. Zach Kerling kept a constant distance from Lane Forbes to secure his second spot.

Round three of the West Hare Scramble Series will return at Quail Canyon MX, Gorman, California March 17-18.

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