Motocross Dos and Don’ts

Motocross Dos and Don'ts
Motocross Dos and Don'ts

Motocross Dos and Don’ts – Are you familiar with motocross? If you are someone interested in dirt bike riding and high speeds, then you should try motocross. Motocross involves racing off-road motorcycles on rough terrain, where riders must navigate jumps, bumps, and tight corners with skill and precision. The sport requires physical stamina, mental focus, and technical expertise. It is one of many types of dirt bike racing and as one of the faster types of dirt bike riding, it’s good to keep safety tips in mind. Basically, there is a lot to know about motocross.

Among the different things to know about motocross, you should know there is motocross etiquette. Motocross etiquette ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Riders must show respect to fellow riders, track officials, and the environment. To properly understand good motocross etiquette, you should know some motocross dos and don’ts.

There are a variety of do’s and don’ts to motocross and familiarizing yourself with some important points can help maintain a safe and amicable rider with other riders. Some important points to know are as follows:

The Dos

Hold Your Line

On a motocross track, it’s important to hold your line and avoid swerving or weaving. Don’t move out of the way for faster riders, as it can cause disruptions. Expect others to maintain their lines, and they’ll expect the same from you. Following this rule ensures a smoother and safer experience on the track.

Remember Your Tear-Offs

Tear-offs are essential accessories for motocross riders, especially when competing on challenging tracks like Red Bud. These clear faux lenses serve as a savior, providing riders with much-needed clarity and vision. Amidst the dirt and mud that covers the course, tear-offs ensure that riders like Ken Roczen can see clearly, even with their bikes littered with mud bunnies.

Clear vision is priceless in motocross, and forgetting tear-offs could be indicative of larger mental concerns that should be addressed. With tear-offs in place, riders can focus on winning and confidently navigate through any obstacles on the track.

Mind Your Feet in the Ruts

When riding on motocross tracks with deep ruts, it is crucial for riders to be mindful of their feet placement. The depth of ruts can differ from one track to another, and it is in the best interest of the riders to lift their legs when encountering these challenging sections. Getting a boot caught in a peg-deep rut can have detrimental effects on lap times and overall performance.

A prime example of proper form can be seen in James Stewart’s riding, not to mention the excellent logo placement by his boot sponsor, Nike, a widely recognized brand. Being aware of foot placement in ruts is essential for motocross riders to maintain control and optimize their performance on the track.

The Don’ts

Jump the gate

To have a successful start in motocross, stay focused on the starting line and don’t let your senses distract you. Avoid getting carried away by things you see or hear, like a butterfly flying by. Resisting the urge to release the clutch and throttle too soon is crucial. Getting stuck at the gate due to a momentary distraction is not the right way to start. To increase your chances of a strong start, stay calm, concentrate, and execute the start sequence accurately.

Have a Roll-off Malfunction

Avoid experiencing a roll-off malfunction during your motocross session. Roll-offs provide a convenient solution for maintaining clear vision on the track, as each pull of the string reveals a fresh strip of clear vision. However, technology can sometimes turn against us, and a single stray rock can quickly transform you from a confident rider into a flailing rhythmic gymnast. In an instant, your lenses can become burdened with soil and hinder your ability to see clearly. To prevent this frustrating scenario, take precautions to protect your roll-offs and stay vigilant on the track to minimize the risk of encountering debris that can impair your vision.

Scrape too Much Boot when Scrubbing

When executing a scrub maneuver in motocross, it’s important to be cautious and not scrape your boot excessively. While taking risks can lead to great rewards, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences of pushing your limits to the extreme. Maintaining a balance between pushing boundaries and ensuring safety is vital in motocross to prevent potential injuries and maintain a competitive edge.


The motocross dos and don’t listed above are just a few of the points of etiquette to know in motocross. Generally, there is a lot to know about motocross. If you are a beginner, there are a few tips to help you along the way and if you are unsure which style you prefer, you’ll find that motocross is highly different from something like trail riding. At the end of the day, the important thing is to remember to note tips and tricks to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. It also helps to check out extra accessories for added protection such as motocross neck braces. You can also explore gear like boots for enduro.

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