Best Dirt Bike Boots for Enduro

best dirt bike boots for enduro
best dirt bike boots for enduro

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Enduro – Enduro is one of the many dirt bike riding styles. Like any other style, there is a lot to learn about it. For those unfamiliar, enduro is a thrilling style of dirt bike riding inspired by car rallies and motorbike enduro racing. It features downhill racing through 3-6 timed stages on diverse terrains.

Riders also tackle untimed transfer stages, which can include uphill climbs, hike-a-bike sections, chair lifts, or pedaling. Enduro demands physical fitness, mental stamina, and bike-handling skills, combining aspects of cross-country racing and XC-style stage races. Each race has its own style, fitness requirements, and rules, making it an exciting and accessible form of mountain biking.

Because of all this, it is important to get the right gear and accessories for a comfortable and safe ride. In this article, we will explore the best dirt bike boots for enduro.

What to Look For in Enduro Boots

While there is a list of top options in the market, it helps to have tips on what to look for. Some of the factors to consider when choosing enduro boots are as follows:


Prioritize safety in dirt biking. Choose affordable enduro boots for better protection than regular shoes. Consider investing a bit more in mid to high-range boots that meet safety standards, especially for avid riders. Beginners can look into budget-friendly options with essential safety features.

  1. Toe Caps: Seek boots with replaceable steel toe caps for enhanced durability against wear and tear.
  2. Shin Guards: Safeguard shins and calves from obstacles with thermoplastic polyurethane shin guards.
  3. Ankle Support: Give preference to boots with built-in ankle support and pivot mechanisms for improved comfort and handling on challenging terrains.
  4. Buckle System: Opt for boots featuring a reliable and replaceable cam lock buckle system to ensure secure footing during rides.


Comfort takes precedence in choosing enduro boots, especially when safety is assured. If you are unsure what to consider for comfort, there are certain features to help.

  1. Inner Liner/Padding: Opt for a soft yet firm inner lining that remains flexible for easy entry.
  2. Replaceable Soles: Address compression and hardness by choosing boots with replaceable inner soles. Outer soles, depending on quality, endure numerous rides before replacement.
  3. Footbed Design and Size: Consider the shell size for a balance between easy entry and secure fit. Different foot shapes, widths, and instep variations influence the choice—Sidi for a slightly narrower fit, Gaerne for accommodating wide feet.


Choose durable enduro boots, particularly if you ride aggressively. Avoid the hassle of yearly replacements by investing in a pair built to last. Seek boots with replaceable parts such as inner and outer soles, clips, and toe caps, as they endure the most wear and tear.

Check for robust stitching connecting the sole to the boot, as this was once a common problem. Nowadays, many manufacturers use a replaceable rubber sole instead of stitching, making it simpler to extend the boots’ lifespan with easy hand tool replacements.


Keep your feet dry in enduro riding by prioritizing waterproofing, especially during challenges like river crossings. Whether you’re knee-deep in water or successfully crossing, the risk of water-filled boots is real. To prevent this, use a secure buckle-up system with a waterproof liner.

The two key elements for effective waterproofing are the inner lining, usually a stretchable fabric gaiter that seals out external water while allowing breathability, and the material in the foot area, preferably made from substances like Teflon mesh to prevent water and sweat absorption, ensuring a comfortable and dry ride.

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Enduro: The Options

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

The Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots are a top pick for off-road riders, focusing on performance and durability. They have a dual compound sole for great grip, a streamlined foot shell, and a biomechanical pivot hinge for flexible ankles. The TPU ankle and blade systems provide excellent protection.

The boots also feature a memory-setting buckle system and durable construction with microfiber and TPU for water resistance. However, the thick upper armor may be a challenge with certain pants. Despite this, the Tech 7 stands out for superb ankle mobility, a quick-action buckle system, walking comfort, and strong ankle protection, making it a reliable choice for off-road enthusiasts.

Gaerne SG 10 Boots

The Gaerne SG10 boots, distinct from the SG12s, have a durable stitched and replaceable “Made in Italy” outer sole, particularly reinforced for footpeg durability. Designed for trail riding, the SG10s feature a sturdy toe box for protection against obstacles and an ankle support system tailored for hard-enduro riders. The widened calf area easily fits leg and knee guards, expanding to 20″.

The ankle pivot system enhances comfort on the pegs, providing a natural position. With an anatomically designed footbed for rider comfort and a slightly wider build, accommodating those with wide feet, the SG10s are half a pound lighter than the SG12s, offering a lighter and more affordable option for enduro enthusiasts seeking quality Italian craftsmanship.

SIDI Crossfire 3 TA

When it comes to Sidi boots, the preferred choice is the Sidi Crossfire 2 TA, an older and more affordable model that still meets all Enduro boot needs. However, the Sidi Crossfire 3 TA takes Enduro boots to a new level, tailored for offroad riding in technical terrain. The TA model differs from the SRS with a stitched outer sole and a metal front toe cap for enhanced grip.

Despite being slightly wider and more affordable than the SRS, both models share identical features, including the Sidi buckle system, which, with some adjustment, ensures a secure closure, adapting to the rider’s position for a natural flex.

The Crossfire 3 TA offers a slight stiffness for added protection and comfort during the ride. Notable improvements include a redesigned dual flex ankle hinge to prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion, a reshaped shock-absorbing heel, and a wider calf opening for knee guards. SIDI maintains its tradition of quick-adjusting buckles, a bootie-less design, and replaceable parts, providing a comprehensive and upgraded Enduro boot option.

TCX X Blast Boots

The TCX X Blast Boots, a more budget-friendly option, feature an adjustable buckle system, sturdy sole stitching, and a metal toe cap. These entry-level boots offer a slightly stiffer and more rigid feel compared to others in the same price range. Equipped with the TCX Dual Torsion Control System to handle rotational forces, the X Blast Boots are suitable for riders in awkward positions.

With two sole options for motocross or enduro, held securely with recessed stitching, these boots provide durability and value, boasting fully replaceable soles. Tailored for slightly narrower feet and those who prefer a rigid boot, the TCX X Blast emerges as a top choice for affordable enduro boots.

Fox Racing Comp X Boots

Fox introduced the Comp X boots as an enhanced version of the original Fox Comp boots. Compared to older models, these prioritize increased reliability and durability. Tailored for enduro riders, these boots maintain Fox’s high standards while adding toughness, comfort, and flexibility for challenging terrains. The wider and sturdier lugged outer sole ensures a strong grip on pegs and slippery rocks, providing added stability in wet conditions.

Modeled after the Instinct boot worn by professional riders in enduro and MX scenes, the Comp X boot features an internal lace-up system for easy ankle fit adjustments. Key protection features include the TPU shin plate, rubberized toe cap, and calf guard. Despite lacking some advanced features, the Fox Comp X enduro boots offer excellent value for entry-level options and stand out as a top choice in this price range for the best enduro boots.

Best Dirt Bike Boots for Enduro: Alternative Options

If you want to explore other dirt bike boot options, you can check the best boots for trail riding. Aside from boots for different styles, you can also check out boots for specific features. This includes boots for wide feet and big calves. Otherwise, you can explore more about dirt bike riding like motocross dos and don’ts.

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