KX250 vs YZ250 2 stroke: which is better?

kx250 vs yz250

Want to know which bike is better? KX250 vs. YZ250 2 stroke? Well, check out our post that compares the two bikes on their main features and learn more information about each model.

kx250 vs yz250

Suspension in KX250 vs. YZ250

For the Kawasaki KX250, the front suspension offers a comfortable, smooth ride with their new 48mm coil spring KYB fork system. This allows for firm dampening and gives the rider an exhilarating experience.

The Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke features 11.8-inch travel front suspension with a KYB speed-sensitive system fork which is fully adjustable. This allows the rider to fully control their ride and offers a smooth experience. The rear suspension is a 12.4-inch travel KYB single-shock system which is also fully adjustable.

For the front suspension, the YZ250 2 stroke is the winner, but it lacks slightly on the rear end. The Kawasaki KX250’s rear suspension is very impressive and can handle a lot of bumps along the way. Both models need tuning before use, but the KX250 requires less tuning, which may appeal to riders who want to ride their new bike straight after buying – without messing with finer details.


The YZ250’s 249cc, liquid-cooled engine is snappy and offers a nippy ride. The engine is lightweight with a compact design. The throttle is sharp, reactive at any revs, and is easy to control. The rider can confidently control the motor with its predictable precision.

Kawasaki KX250’s engine is also a 249cc and liquid-cooled. The engine features a larger bore, allowing for larger exhaust valves and ultimately greater performance. The motor is certainly sharp and offers a smooth, gradual ride.


KX250’s brakes are Kawasaki’s most powerful yet. With 270mm oversized semi-floating discs, the bike offers a super receptive braking system. The dual piston and caliper give the user more stability and control as well as offering an agile ride.

Yamaha’s YZ250 braking system is equally impressive. With the same sized brakes at 270mm, the YZ250 features high-quality pads, giving the rider a better performance and stopping power.

Both bikes have impressive braking systems that are both equally good.


The Kawasaki KX250 and the Yamaha YZ250 are at similar price points. Both models are certainly on the higher end of the scale, but for the features and quality, the price point is justifiable.

The Kawasaki KX250’s recommended retail price is $7,799 on Kawasaki’s official website, whereas the Yamaha YZ250 starts at $7,499 with a destination charge of $425, making the total price for the Yamaha $7924.

In terms of price, with delivery included, the bikes are competitive and offer similar price points. So, there isn’t much comparison in this aspect.

The final verdict on KX250 vs YZ250

The Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke is certainly one for those who ride for leisure and is designed to be accessible to all riders. No matter what your skill level is, the YZ250 is a nippy ride that pretty much ticks all the boxes.

If you’re looking for a bike based on competing interests then the KX250 is your pick. Its carefully designed motor allows for better control and will easily take you across the finish line with an impressive performance.

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