How to make dirt jumps for BMX bikes?

how to make dirt jumps for bmx bikes

Bicycle stunts are very popular with young people who are always ready for something new and adventurous. Although it is a dangerous practice that should be reserved for professionals, it can be exciting. Some of the stunts require ramps and jumping platforms. Nor does every street corner have a stop to jump on. Sometimes you have to create your own track and build a ramp or two for personal practice and enjoyment. However, this requires experience and the right accessories. This is our practical guide on how to make dirt jumps for BMX bikes.

The necessary equipment for building dirt jumps

Before learning how to make dirt jumps for BMX bikes, you have to learn the tools of the trade. Here’s what you will need to make your own dirt jump:

  • A stiff brush

You will need a completely clean take-off and landing area. So, unless you plan to pick up every rock and stone by hand, you’ll need a stiff brush for clearing the area.

  • A wheelbarrow

When you start digging, you will have to remove the soil and transport it elsewhere. To do so, you will need a wheelbarrow.

  • A shovel

The shovel is the most important part of a trail builder’s tool kit. You will use it not only for digging but also for tapping and compacting the soil. Dirt jumps that are not compacted will fall apart after only a few turns on it.

  • Access to water

Have you ever watered a plant and seen the ground around it sink? That’s what happens with dirt jumps. If you build an obstacle in the ground and you don’t water it, it will sink when it rains. You will need a little water to help you prepare it properly so that it becomes solid. If you don’t have access to a hose, you will have to bottle the water and carry it to your BMX jumping spot.

How do you make big jumps in the dirt?

If you want your dirt obstacle to be big enough to allow you to do some great BMX stunts, here is what you need to do:

  • Clean the jump point

With your wheelbarrow, shovel and brush, clean an area slightly larger than the jump you are about to make. By cleaning the area around your dirt jump, you will ensure a safe take-off and landing.

  • Build the base

Next, you’ll need to dig up enough dirt to create the base for your jump. First, make a stone foundation. Once this is done, take some wet soil and add it to the foundation so you can shape the jump.

  • Pack the ground

There’s nothing complicated about it, you can use your shovel and your feet to compact the soil so that it’s solid. Don’t worry too much about the exact shape when the ground is loose. At this stage, you’re just trying to create a semi-solid base to work with.

  • Water the ground of the jump

Sprinkle water on the jump so that any part liable to sink does so now. This will allow the last pieces of soil to sink before you begin a final settling of the earth.

  • Mould the shape

Your ground jump should have a curve that starts steep and balances out slowly, allowing you to pump to the next jump you make. If you do this correctly, each jump will give you increased speed, allowing you to build up to bigger and bigger jumps.

How do you make little jumps in the dirt?

If you wish to build small dirt jumps for BMX bikes, simply follow the procedure outlined above and make sure to reduce the height of each jump and the volume of dirt you put in each jump.

How do you make a spine dirt jump?

The spine dirt jump refers to a combination of several dirt-jumps close together; this allows you to do more stunts and have better sensations. To build a spine jump, you need to bring your dirt jumps closer together so that the landing is on the bump and so on. You need to make sure that the gaps between the dirt jumps are even.

How to make wooden BMX ramps?

These are the steps to follow to build your wooden ramp for BMX bikes:

  1. Saw wooden boards for the construction. Make sure that the planks have a 90-degree triangular shape. This means that you must make four 90-degree triangles from the two wooden planks.
  2. Use the drill to make four rows of openings around the perimeter of the wooden board. Space and position four holes at a distance of 3 to 4 inches from the shortest edge and make sure that the holes have a space between them.
  3. Insert the screws into the holes you made in the boards and assemble all the triangles at right angles. Also fasten the wooden board to triangles with screws.
  4. Place the plywood board on the triangular pieces in the smooth platform position. Turn the entire structure over to see where the holes should be and locate the positions with a marker. Make sure that the surface of your plywood matches these marks.
  5. Make four openings equal in size to the position of the marks you made. Screw the openings to adhere to the platform with the rest of the structure.

Test if your ramp is strong enough to support your stunts.

Video guide to making dirt jumps for BMX bikes

Below we have a video for you made by Shane Jackson on how to make awsome dirt jumps for BMX.

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