How Fast Does a 125CC Dirt Bike Go

How Fast Does a 125CC Dirt Bike Go
Honda CRF250F

How Fast Does a 125CC Dirt Bike Go – A 125CC dirt bike is one of many dirt bike models with its list of pros and cons. It is also a bike model that offers different features and accessories for convenience and comfort. However, while there are plenty of features to appreciate with this bike model, there are also questions to ask if you’re considering buying it. One of the top questions you can ask when considering a bike is how fast it can go. When questioning the speed of a 125CC model, the most straightforward answer is 55 to 60 miles an hour(88kph to 96kph). This bike model is an ideal option for beginners among the different dirt bike models you can choose from. However, when it comes to discussing the speed of this model, it can depend on certain factors and the rider.

Dirt Bike Speeds and Factors to Consider

If you are new to owning a dirt bike, there is one thing to understand when controlling the speed of a 125CC model. That is the difference in strokes (piston motions). With this dirt bike model, it is important to understand the difference between a four-stroke and a two-stroke. If you have a 4-stroke in your model, you need to be careful as the max speed can vary. Some four-strokes will have a max speed of 35 mph but others can go as fast as 60 mph. The best way to tell which 125CC models with 4-strokes have a higher speed is by the bike’s price. However, it is not always full-proof so your best bet is to check the specs sheet from the manufacturer’s website or consult other bike owners.

A 2-stroke on the other hand can increase your 125CC Dirt Bike’s speed to as high as 100 mph. While having a high speed can be advantageous to some riders, it is also a risky business. Maintaining a high speed for a prolonged time can lead to damage to your bike, especially when racing at a maximum speed on rough terrains and turns. In addition to watching out for the strokes installed on your bike, it also helps to watch out for the time it takes to consider the time it takes to reach top speed.

Generally, it takes around 4 seconds with 4-stroke manual transmission bikes and about 7 seconds with bikes that have automatic transmissions. These numbers, however, are not set in stone. Depending on factors that include the power, engine, transmission, and whether the model is a four-stroke or a two-stroke, a dirt bike can take up to 7 seconds to reach top speed.

If you want to get an idea on some of the top speeds of different dirt bike models, here is one reference you can use:

Honda CRF450487140
Yamaha WR250488.8142
Suzuki DR-Z4004114183
Honda XR6504110177
Kawasaki KLR650498157
Husqvarna FE5104101.5163
MuZ Baghira6604102164
Kawasaki KX250276122
KTM SX250271119
Suzuki RM250278125
Kawasaki KX450489143


Among the different dirt bike models you can choose from, the 125CC model is known for being mainly made for kids and teens. When answering the question “How fast does a 125cc dirt bike go,” a general answer is 55-60 mph. However, it is not always definite and there are several factors to consider. These factors include the bike’s features, the terrain, and the road conditions you travel on. Whether you have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke is one of the biggest factors in determining the bike’s top speed. It also helps to determine the best speed by understanding the time it takes to reach top speed. By understanding the speed and factors of your dirt bike model, you can avoid damage and ensure proper care.

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