Honda Pioneer 700-4 – A Review of a Balanced UTV

Honda Pioneer 700-4
Honda Pioneer 700-4

Honda Pioneer 700-4 – You’ll find no shortage of options when choosing under the Honda brand. Whether it’s a city car or an all-terrain car, there are several models you can choose from to fit your vehicle needs. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), consider the Honda Pioneer 700-4. The Honda Pioneer model is a versatile vehicle with many notable features. As a UTV, it provides a sturdy size and different points for capability. While there are plenty of positive things to say about this vehicle model, is it what you need? There is a lot to know about this car model. The question is, is it worth purchasing in the long run?

Getting to Know the Honda Pioneer 700-4

Some general information to know about this Pioneer model is that it has several features that cover comfort and versatility. A few versatile features of this model include multiple color options and a QuickFlip® seating system. What does the latter mean? You get a seating system that can switch between 2-person mode with full cargo and tilt bed functionality, to being able to handle 3-4 people. It also has a large cargo capacity and a convenient water-resistant glovebox for any essentials.

Aside from having plenty of convenient features, the Honda model has its share of safety features. These safety features include integrated handrails, recessed top tubes, and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors to help keep passengers securely in place. On the technical side, the vehicle has an Occupant Protection Structure. It also has triple-disc brakes, which feature a patented scraper system that helps prevent debris buildup between caliper and rim.

What to Know About the Specs

Speaking on the technical side of things, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 has a share of convenient parts. The first thing to know about this model is that it has an electric power steering and automatic transmission. There are hydraulic discs on both the front and rear tires and a 675cc liquid-cooled, OHV single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. As for the ignition, it is full-transistorized with electronic advance. With the engineering of this model, there are adjustable preload rear shocks and AT/MT mode, and paddle shifters to help with control. There is no shortage of features on this vehicle that help provide a balance of safety and convenience for any off-road traveling. Like any other vehicle though, the Honda Pioneer 700-4 has its share of pros and cons.

The Good and Bad of the Honda Pioneer 700-4

Every vehicle has its up and downs and knowing them can be a dealbreaker in purchasing a product. If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable vehicle to travel different terrains, here are some pros and cons to know:


  • Great Safety Features
  • Adjustable Parts for Convenience
  • A towing and bed capacity of over 1,000 pounds


  • High maintenance
  • Generally high pricing


The Honda Pioneer 700-4 features plenty of parts to ensure safety and convenience for off-road traveling. From adjustable features to different safety measures, there are several benefits to this UTV model. As convenient and safe as this model is, however, there are plenty of prices to note for this vehicle if you want to maintain the quality of this vehicle. If you’re willing to put the work into having a UTV with plenty of beneficial features, then you should have the Honda Pioneer 700-4. Read more on: Honda CRF250F

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