Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Alta Motors, steps into the off road and enduro market with the 2019 Redshift EXR – is this the first serious electric enduro motorcycle?

Alta Motors, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, introduces 2019 Redshift EXR into the Enduro and off road market as it looks to be a serious electric endure motorcycle for everyone.

The Cinderella story of Alta Motors has been given motor enthusiasts an added level of excitement towards trail riding, racing and now enduro motorcycle manufacturing.

Taking on the challenges

Proving itself in Enduro and off road racing may be the biggest opportunity for Alta to do what it takes to step up on the big scenario in a machine capable extended battery driven life.

The Alta 2019 Redshift EXR is “an off-road race bike with lights and a plate as standard”. This new motorcycle ensure to have more power and capability to go anywhere with its latest generation battery and upgraded transmission. The performance and technology of Alta made a bold statement when it entered the 2018 ErzbergRodeo with Ty Tremaine and Lyndon Poskitt substantiating the intentions to be taken seriously into the world of off road sport.

Single track riding

Alta says: “We created a bike that could be ridden to local trails and then unleashed to flow through obstacles and effortlessly conquer even the most daunting hillclimbs.” The Redshift EXR is designed for single-track riding and offer less about high-mileage adventure touring.

The bruise form of Redshift EXR has given attentions to riders the broad appeal and comfortable riding to any expert and beginners. Since it is electric battery life, this would make sure that there is a low impact of noise but sure steady power. Alta says, “No noise, no pollution, no detection.”

Taking a closer look

The Alta Redshift EXR has R5.8 battery pack – a major evolution of Alta’s industry leading pack technology. It is said to be the highest-energy density battery ever put in a motorcycle where it sums up conventionally the capacity just like a petrol powered enduro bike.

The R-Pack uses state-of-the-art cell chemistry to extend the full-power range at cooler operating temperatures. This upgrade, increased the power, range, and faster charge times making the 2019 Redshift EXR one of the most flexible motorcycles today.


With rapid developments for its components, Alta’s able to make simple and developed to be “as lean and elegant as possible.”

Four unique ‘performance maps’ allow the rider to change the power delivery character, engine braking freewheel and flywheel effects.

Open Loop ‘rate of change’ torque control has a response rate of 5,000Hz, making it to the closes thing to be perfect torque controlled achieved in the motorcycle industry.

Seamless Drive technology drives you to focus on the type of terrain and courses rather than what engine transmission and clutch need from you.

Chassis and suspension

Alta has chosen to use the WP’s Xplor 48 forks and WP Shock. It is well-known and most widely used stock suspension on earth. With its Brembo braking system, this would really ensure that Alta is on a serious note on this one.

The patented Redshift Bulkhead (the chassis core) tasks up as the outer motor casing for the motor and inverter as well as the transmission case for gear. The hub setup indeed developed the EXR to be on its maximum strength with optimum stiffness and minimal weight.

Adjustable triple clamps

EXR 2019 ensures the comfort and in form performance to riders. The standard step-up was designed to be well-balanced but you can also adjust it to what’s best to your riding style.

Increasing the offset will accelerate the Redshift’s already intuitive turn-in characteristics, while high-speed terrain riders will aim an advantage from the added stability that reduced offset offers.

Alta motorcycle manufacturer really steps up the game of electronic bikes. Taking a huge step forward in off-road world, the company is ready to take on the challenge on what is the future may be for fuel less engines and keep of road riding socially acceptable fun and competitive in so many ways. Looking for electronic motorcycle fun? Ride with this one!


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