Essential Dirt Bike Tools

Essential Dirt Bike Tools
Essential Dirt Bike Tools

Essential Dirt Bike Tools – Just as there is essential dirt bike gear, there are essential tools you need to have in hand when getting a dirt bike. By having these tools, you are fully prepared for maintenance and repairs when you hit the track with your dirt bike. You can also avoid the frustration of ruining a weekend of riding due to not having the necessary tools and save money by not having to take your bike to a mechanic for simple tasks that you could do at home with the right tools. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have these tools before getting a dirt bike.

What are Essential Dirt Bike Tools

There are several items that can be considered essential tools for maintaining a dirt bike. You’ll find that there are even maintenance kits and security tools to help out any beginner. As a general rule of thumb, however, it’s best to have the following:

  1. T-Handles: You’ll need 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sizes, and possibly additional sizes, for most bolts on your dirt bike.
  2. Allen Keys: A hex key set is useful for your dirt bike as well as other gear and accessories.
  3. Socket set: A full socket set is necessary for more leverage, a range of sizes or easier access.
  4. Hammer/Rubber mallet: A rubber mallet is recommended to avoid damaging anything when things get stuck.
  5. Spanners: A full range of sizes and adjustable spanners are necessary for tightening the chain, removing the rear wheel or tightening the head-stem nut.
  6. Spoke wrench: A must-have for tightening spokes on the wheels.
  7. Pliers: Standard and point nose pliers will get you out of trouble in different scenarios and are necessary for snipping cable-ties and wires.
  8. Tyre pressure gauge: You should check tyre pressure before every ride.
  9. Tyre levers: At least two tyre levers are essential for changing a tyre or replacing a tube.
  10. Torque wrench: Many bolts on your dirt bike will need to be tightened to a specific torque.
  11. Screwdriver: A mix of flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers are useful for various tasks, including adjusting suspension clickers.

To be ready for maintenance and repairs when riding your dirt bike, you need to have the listed tools in your toolbox. With these tools, you can prevent the disappointment of not having what you need and save money by doing simple repairs yourself. It’s a good idea to have the listed tools before getting a dirt bike.

Other Tips and Options

In addition to the listed items, there are other additional things to help you out with your dirt bike maintenance. These include the following:

Dirt Bike Stand: Having a bike stand is crucial when it comes to repairing your dirt bike. It provides a stable platform to work on your bike and prevents it from falling or causing further damage.

Puncture Repair Kit: A puncture repair kit is useful for quickly fixing a tire. But only as a temporary solution until you can replace it in a garage.

Seal Doctor: The Seal Doctor from Risk Racing can fix leaky fork seals on your dirt bike and prevent further issues caused by oil leaks. It’s simple to use and cleans the seals easily. Just remember to check your fork tube size or manual before purchasing.

If you want to explore other important items and tips for dirt bike maintenance and essentials, you should explore a dirt bike cleaning guide or explore cleaners.

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