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Keeping your dirt bike safe from criminals is becoming more and more important since motorbike theft is all over the place. This blog will help you avoid getting into situations that may have you arrested, and save you money as well. If you are thinking of buying a dirt bike, it’s a good idea to think about how you are going to secure it and keep it safe. Luckily there are a few good ways to secure your dirt bike so that thieves don’t steal it, such as by using an anti-theft device. Security measures like this do slow down or deter thieves, which helps protect your dirt bike from being stolen. In this article we will review 6 best dirt bike locks.

For the safest way to keep your bike away from immovable objects, use bolts that are bolt cutter-proof. But there will be many times when you won’t be able to do this. Here are several types of dirt bike brake disk locks you can use to keep your bike secure.

Of course, you’ll have to leave the bike out somewhere while it’s being rekeyed. You should remember to attach a cord from the lock to your handlebars. You can’t just walk off with the bike – there’s a chain attached to the wheel. It’s a good idea to remove the chain if you don’t want to risk it getting tangled. When your dirt bike is parked at home, you should bolt it to a permanent floor anchor so it doesn’t roll away. Next, you attach the chain to the bicycle’s frame for ultimate protection. These accessories are great for preventing someone from riding away with your dirt bike. They are the last of all Grip Locks.

Best 5 Lock For Dirt Bike

1: Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Dirt Bike Lock

If you’ve got a dirtbike that’s been left outside for weeks on end, a heavy-duty chain and padlock will keep it safe. You can use an Oxford Boss Alarm Lock with this chain to increase its strength and the alarm. Thick chains will not be easy to cut open with most bolt cutters. The person who stole your bag might have had the right tools to get in, but there is little chance that they could have made it out without help. Perhaps if the thief had premium industrial bolt cutters they could get through but there wasn’t much chance they were going to be walking around with them.

This is a simple device that can be used to cut through chain links. They are easy to carry and will not cause much-unwanted attention. If your bike is not already equipped with a lockout device like this, it is best to use a chain guide and lock your bike to a fixed object like a lamp post or anything else that can’t be moved or broken. If your bike frame is too large, run it through your rear wheel spokes. When your dirt bike is parked at home you should secure it with a chain like this, too.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Dirt Bike Lock


  • 14 mm stainless steel six-sided chain link with high strength and toughness makes this the perfect link for your dirt bike.
  • It’s a dirt bike cover that will keep your dirt bike safe from the elements.
  • Includes a 30mm Max-Performance steel shackle lock.
  • Includes a New York Disk Lock with key.
  • This patented oval deadbolt is made of solid steel that can stand up to the test of time and weather.
  • This is a high-security disk-type cylinder with a reinforced anti-drill, anti-pull protection system.
  • A sliding dust cover extends the cylinder’s life.
  • The chain is 150 cm long (5 ft)

2: MYSBIKER Dirt Bike Alarm Disc Brake Lock

Disk Brake Locks are very perfect with their small size and movability. They’re also very easy to use! While these locks will not prevent criminals from stealing your bike, they can at least stop them from riding or rolling your stolen bike away from the crime scene. This brake disk lock is designed to stop the wheel from moving while it’s being locked in place. It uses a 6mm bolt/pin that goes through one of the disk holes to keep it there. This brake disk lock will automatically activate if any vibrations or movements are detected. It also has a powerful 110-decibel alarm that can be set to ring.

When a potential thief tries to pick your lock, they should be discouraged because the lock is easy to see for them. When you ride, you have to remember to remove the lock and the cable from your dirt bike before getting on and riding it. The LockSafe Universal Safety Cords are easy to install and they help to remind you to remove the lock before riding off and suddenly coming to a dead stop caused by the lock.


  • This lock contains Aluminum Body/
  • Moisture, dust, and dirt resistant.
  • This has a built-in 119dB alarm for security. 
  • Spare battery replacement set included.
  • 6.7mm locking pin.
  • 4-foot reminder cable included.
  • Carry pouch included
  • Allen wrench included

3: Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disk Lock

This particular lock is not set up to have an audible alarm, so if you want an alarm, you may want to consider something else. They can be covered by the thief so he doesn’t even know they’re there. It does have a 5mm hole in the middle, but it will not go on all dirtbikes. It’s also too big for rear brake disks. If you already have a quality U-lock, this is a nice addition because it doesn’t make the lock bulkier.

This brake is very similar to most of the other locks we recommend in that it has a coiled reminder cable to keep the lock firmly in place and stop you from trying to ride away with the lock still attached. It’s a good reminder to remove the lock when you’re done. It’s a compact, lightweight, weather-proof Dirt bike lock that includes two stainless steel keys. These disk brake locks are small enough to travel with.

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disk Lock


  • This dirt bike lock has a Weatherproof body.
  • 5mm locking pin.
  • Water, dust, and dirt resistant.
  • This lock has a cable.

4: Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock

This alarm is more of a disk lock, but it sounds pretty cool, so I prefer it to the previous model. This lock is made of a polymer composite so it won’t rust or corrode and it is extremely strong. A combination of your keys and a security chain makes for a very secure lock. This locking has a 100 dB rated alarm, which will ring off if it’s moved around in any way. The Oxford Boss Alarm Disk Lock is so much more than just a simple alarm clock. It’s water, vibration, frost, and heatproof.

This product was independently tested by Thatcham Vehicle Security, and they’ve certified it meets their very rigorous testing standards. It’s the perfect lock to add to your collection. The lock, which is included in the kit, is great for locking your bike to any type of surface. This handy travel organizer is nice and small so you can travel with it in your purse, your backpack, your pocket, or your handbag.

Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock


  • This dirt bike lock has special features like Water, vibration, frost, and heat-proof for a long lifespan.
  • Three keys and Key replacement service.
  • Can be used as a disc lock or padlock.
  • This Lock batteries are included (6 x LR44).
  • Free Minder Cable included.
  • The dirt bike lock has a 100db alarm.

5: BigPantha Dirt Bike Grip Lock

Using grip locks will help to make it more difficult to steal your dirt bike. The Throttle Grip is tightened around the throttle and brake lever to stop anyone from releasing the front brake or pressing down on the accelerator. This lock will work with any diameter throttle grip on your motorcycle.

Even if someone cuts the front brake cable the brake lever will still prevent acceleration, the only problem is they can still roll the bike away. This is pretty handy for making quick stops on the road. It’s useful for stopping fast, but it is not as powerful as disk brake locks.

BigPantha Dirt Bike Grip Lock

6: ABUS Granit WBA 100 – Floor Anchor

Make sure your motorcycle’s wheels are secured by using the ABUS Granit WBA 100 as this will ensure that they are not damaged in the event that the bike hits a curb or jumps over a pothole Secure your anchor to a strong concrete base so that it won’t slip off and sink into the water. Use a deadbolt lock with your chain as an extra deterrent. Garage floor anchors can be used in your garage or on your porch. They can be bolted into any cement floor or wall.

ABUS Granit WBA 100


When it comes to securing your dirt bike, heavy-duty chains with padlocks attached to fixed structures are your best solution. Install an anchor on your floor or wall to secure your dirt bike at home. If your bike is stolen, you should also get a disk brake lock for an extra layer of security. This will make it more difficult for the thief to steal your bike. If you want to have a dirt bike that’s safe for driving, you should install a properly fitted throttle grip lock. Disk brake locks are almost as secure as throttle grip locks, but they can be unlocked without the use of special equipment. Disk brake locks are almost as secure as throttle grip locks. They are much more difficult to get out of, though.

Many bike locks come with an alarm to help catch criminals. If you have an outdoor camera, you’ll notice that your camera will still record even when you’re inside your house. Alarms can be blocked with gum to make them very soft. In the end, the alarm on the lock isn’t really a benefit. In order for you to get an idea of which products are best for you, you should consider your budget and the type of products you’d like to start buying.

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