Dirt Bike Lowering: What to Know

Dirt Bike Lowering
Dirt Bike Lowering

Dirt Bike Lowering – Dirt bike maintenance means many things, and not just cleaning. Sometimes, there is a point where you will need to adjust your dirt bike. Among the different things you can do to your bike, there is dirt bike lowering. What is this process? Dirt bike lowering is a modification technique aimed at reducing the height of a dirt bike’s suspension, thereby lowering its overall ride height. This process is commonly done to accommodate riders who are shorter or those who prefer a lower center of gravity for better control and stability.

The technique involves adjusting the front and rear suspension components, like shortening the forks and shock absorbers, to reduce the bike’s ride height. However, it’s important to consider that this modification can impact the bike’s handling and ground clearance.

Reason Why Dirt Bikes Are High

You may wonder, why are dirt bikes so high that some of them need to be adjusted for some riders. Dirt bikes are designed with higher seat heights compared to regular motorcycles to provide ample ground clearance for challenging riding conditions. Manufacturers consider safety elements when designing bikes to match specific terrains. Motocross dirt bikes have higher seats to ensure rider safety during off-road riding.

In the world of dirt bikes, it’s generally recommended that if your feet touch the ground completely and flat, the bike might be too small for you. Ideally, your feet should be able to touch the ground partially, with the balls of your feet touching indicating a good fit based on your height.

Be Careful with Dirt Bike Lowering

While dirt bike lowering can be helpful, should it be done? There are a few things to keep in mind. Lowering the bike reduces ground clearance, which can impact its ability to navigate rough terrain. Handling and control may also be affected, both by the rider and the bike on the track. Additionally, when lowering one part of the bike, other adjustments may be necessary to maintain balance. This process can be time-consuming and costly, keeping you off the track for longer periods.

It’s important to avoid lowering the bike excessively, as it can leave the bike vulnerable to damage and result in expensive mechanical repairs. Some bikes are easier to lower than others, and it may be wise to consult a mechanic for professional lowering to prevent undesirable changes in bike handling.

Dirt Bike Lowering Methods

If you need to have your dirt bike lowered and don’t know how nor are you able to go to a professional, here are some methods to study:

Trim The Seat Foam: Trimming the seat foam is a simple and effective method for lowering your dirt bike. By removing a portion of the foam, you can reduce the seat height by approximately an inch. This adjustment is particularly beneficial for shorter riders, as it allows them to touch the ground more comfortably when the bike is stopped.

Add A Lowering Link: Adding a lowering link is a popular method for lowering a dirt bike. These links are readily available for most popular bike models and can be installed with relative ease. The lowering link works by decreasing the distance between the swingarm and the rear axle, resulting in a lowered bike height. Typically, these links can lower the bike by approximately 1 to 2 inches, providing a noticeable difference in seat height.

Lower The Suspension: Lowering the suspension is a viable option to lower a dirt bike, but it should be done by someone experienced in working with suspension systems. This process involves adjusting the preload on the springs and changing the oil weight, resulting in a lower ride height. However, it’s important to note that lowering the suspension can have a negative impact on the bike’s handling. Adjustable footpegs provide another solution for lowering a dirt bike.

These footpegs allow riders to adjust the height according to their preferences, offering a personalized fit. This option is especially beneficial for shorter riders as it enhances comfort and customization.


Dirt bike lowering is just one of the many things to know about when it comes to making your dirt bike work for you. While knowing essential gear and dirt bike cleaning methods helps, there’s more to maintenance than you think. Something as simple as getting the right dirt bike stands and tie-downs can help in keeping your dirt bike in top shape. It can help also to know the proper tools to take care of your bike. At the end of the day, keeping proper bike care in mind is important.

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