Best Dirt Bikes for 6-year-old kids

Best dirt bike for 6-year-old kdis
Best dirt bike for 6-year-old kids

Perhaps you’re here because your little boy or girl is starting to become excited about the prospect of riding their very own dirt bike. Perhaps you know how much of a wholesome and fun activity it can be for a six year-old, and you’re looking to get them started. Whether or not you’re into the sport yourself, you will rightly have some concerns about what kind of bike is appropriate for your child, and how to maximise safety and enjoyment for them.

Here we will address some key questions about the kind of bike your child will need and then suggest some of our favourites. As always, however, you will want to do some research first on how to make sure your child is safe. Here are a few quick tips before we begin:

  • Always make sure your child is wearing an appropriate, well-fitting helmet.
  • Proper goggles are needed to protect your eyes from mud and dirt.
  • Falling is part of the sport. Body gear is necessary – consider armoured body-protectors.
  • Ensure the bike’s seat height and engine size are in a safe range. Read on to find out more about this.

What seat height is best for a typical 6-year-old kid?

The key to knowing what’s best in terms of size is knowing where the sweet-spot is. If your child can touch the ground with both feet flat, they will outgrow the bike quickly; if they can’t or only barely touch the ground, they will struggle to stay upright upon coming to a stop. Ideally, just the balls of their feet should be able to touch the ground. Keep in mind that proper riding boots have a higher heel than regular shoes, so make allowances for this.

The ideal range for kids around six years old is 18″ to 23″ depending on how big they are for their age.

Wheel size for a typical 6-year old kid:

This is a less important consideration than seat height. In fact, the wheel size will only be important to the extent that it affects the overall height of the bike and therefore the seat. When riders are typically thinking about wheel size, they are wanting to maximise balance and ease of handling. These considerations are also less important for a child rider, since their lower center of gravity will come in handy.

Having said that, you will find that the bikes aimed at kids of this age are around 14-20 inches.

Engine: 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke vs. Electric for 6-year-old kids:

We here personally have an inclination towards electric bikes for young tykes. Not only are they easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly, and quieter, but they make for great bikes. Also you can rest assured that your young child isn’t sitting on a fuel-loaded rocket!

If, however, you do want your six year-old to have that classic thrill atop a loud, vibrating motor engine; or they’re just dead set on being the next Eli Tomac, then we certainly recommend a four-stroke engine over a two-stroke. This allows for a smoother power delivery that’s much easier to handle.

Of course also, an automatic bike will be far easier for them to get a handle on than a clutch. Maybe for their next bike, they can try shifting with a clutch, but not as early as six.

Best Dirt Bikes for 6-year-old kids

Yamaha 6-volt Ride On:

Yamaha is a brand you can trust when it comes to dirt bikes. Not only is this a reliable, safe option, but it’s also very low power and very cheap. A perfect starter bike.

With a soaring top-speed of 2.5 mph, you can rest assured your child is starting at the very bottom before they work their way up.

Importantly, this bike comes with training wheels, so they can figure out how to ride before learning to balance.

After charging for 18 hours, it will run for 2-3 hours. It’s pretty light at 29 lbs and has a small seat height of only 19 inches.

It can be bought online for only $100.

Kuberg Young Rider Trial E:

Whereas Yamaha makes great bikes for adults, Kuberg actually specializes in making top-quality machines for young riders. The Kuberg Young Rider Trial E was built for 5-12-year-olds so you can be sure the seat height (15/17″), wheel size, and proportions are all going to be okay for your 6-year-old, and that they could use it for a long time.

Also an electric engine, it has a top speed of 17mph and a hefty weight of 73lb. It will ride for 2 hours after charging for 6.

It will set you back $1999.

Aosom 6V Kids Ride On Bike:

Similar to the Yamaha, but perhaps even safer, this electric bike weighs only 17.6 pounds, so you know your kid will have no trouble picking this up. Like the other 6-volt it’s top speed is 2.5 mph and it comes with training wheels. An 8 hour charge will give a only a 1 hour ride. Made for smaller kids with a seat height of 18″.

Final Verdict:

If safety or price are your main concern, you can’t go wrong with the Yamaha. It’s very cheap, light and low-powered. The Aosom may be a bit too babyish and provide little room for growth.The Kuberg is great if you think your 6 year-old will continue to ride throughout their childhood, but it’s high specs come with a high price. It may also be a little on the heavy side for your child at first. Depending on your needs, any three may be right for you.

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