Best BMX Bikes for 12-year-old kids

Best BMX bikes for 12-year-old kids
Best BMX bikes for 12-year-old kids

Bicycle Motocross, now commonly known as BMX, has become increasingly popular with kids. Making its Olympic debut in 2008, BMX has expanded from mere activity to sport to a whole culture, and many kids are along for the ride.

As a parent, however, you will be well aware of the dangers of the BMXing. Choosing the right size, wheel size and so on can be daunting, especially when making the wrong decisions could be harmful.We also know that your 12 year-old will have you believe that he needs Mat Hoffman’s hand-signed X-games-winning bike.

That’s where we come in. In this article you will find all the information you need on which factors to consider when choosing a BMX bikes for 12-year-old kids. Following that, we’ll give you three recommendations.

What to look for when buying a BMX Bike for your 12 year-old:

Custom Built vs. Production Built:

This is an easy one. Whilst most advanced BMXers will want to personalise their bike to their tastes, it takes a lot of expertise to fit a bike together properly so this isn’t for beginners or young’uns unless you yourself have experience there. Stock/production built bikes are good enough for a child just beginning.

Wheel Size

Obviously, 12 year-olds come in different sizes, so that means their BMX bike should fit them specifically. As a general guide, you’re going to want something in between 16 and 21 inches for the wheels.


This largely depends on what kind of BMXing your kid will be doing: dirt tracks, racing or freestyle.

For the dirt-track BMXing, you want tires with low rolling resistance and extra grip in the treads to keep traction on the dirt.

Freestyle tires are made for the hard surfaces of skate-parks and streets. Hence, they’re a bit thicker and studier.

Racing tyres are thinner and lighter allowing for more speed.

Ask your kid what kind of BMXing they’re wanting to do and proceed accordingly.


BMX brakes differ from regular bikes; and many don’t have brakes at all. Most BMXs come with a gyro fitted, which detangles the brake cables that go from the handlebars to the wheels. The gyro enables the riders to spin the handlebars 360 degrees without getting the brake cables tangled – ideal for freestyle tricks.

Most of the BMX bikes do come with a rear brake, but most cyclists remove the front brake. You may not want a bike like this for your 12 year-old to keep things on the safe side, especially if they’re doing racing BMX.

With these key factors in mind, here are our three top BMX bikes for 12 year-old kids.

Best BMX bikes for 12-year-old kids:

DYNACRAFT Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

Our pick for a freestyle bike. Includes sturdy, thick tires and stunt pegs for tricks, and no gears.

With a weight of only 31.1 pounds, or 14 kg, this bike is slightly on the heavier side on things. It’s smallest size is 20 inches wheels also, so given the weight and size, this bike is only for larger 12-year olds.

It comes with a steel, tough frame that could take a lot of damage and remain intact – pretty handy if your kid is an adventurous beginner.

It has front and rear brakes, so is very safe and easy to use for young ones.

It’s a well-designed, fan favourite of a bike, bearing the beloved name.

Available for around $180 around the internet, this is a cheap and well built bike that will last a while.

If you want to read more about this BMX bike or if you want to buy it, then click here or click on the button below.

Mongoose Legion L18

Mongoose legion L18

For those who want a bike slightly on the smaller side, featuring 18 inch wheels, this legendary brand deserves a mention on any BMX article.

The Legion series is the best on offer for youth BMXers and easily the best looking on the list. A single-speed, gearless freestyle bike with steel, carefully-proportioned frame, this bike is for kids who want the best. This bike comes with only one brake: cautious parents be warned.

Available from Mongoose for $209.99.

Make sure you know what kind of BMXing your12-year-old will be doing, what size suits them and then you’ll know which of these three bikes best suits you. Good luck!

If you want to read more about this BMX bike or if you want to buy it, then click here or click on the button below.

Zombie Apocalypse 2020 BMX Bike

For those kids who are less into tricks and more into racing and dirt trails, this is your go-to.

It has a premium, tough steel frame; high-tec forks; a removable front brake – so your kid can choose when to go brakeless when they get older if they so wish.

It’s 25/9 gearing is ideal for racing. 20 inch wheels are stock.

Available for around $200 online.

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