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BMX bikes for 10-year-old kids

BMX is ever-growing in popularity. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX Playstation Game came out in 2001, it became an official Olympic sport in Beijing 2008, and now kids as young as ten are desperate to land their first barspin 180 on local dirt tracks and skateparks all around the world.

Parents, of course, are less enthusiastic for the most part. Especially when it’s their youngest who wants to get involved in what can be a dangerous activity. But if you just can’t resist their pleads, then there are some things you need to know beforehand.

This is where we can help. In this article you will find a simple overview of all the points you need to consider, followed by our top 3 picks for the best BMX bikes for 10-year-old kids.

BMX bikes for 10-year-old kids

What to look for when buying a BMX Bike for your 10-year-old:

The biggest question is what kind of BMX your kid wants to be doing. Is it freestyle or dirt track/racing? Here’s a quick overview of the differences:


These BMX bikes are for riding at skateparks, built for practicing and performing stunts and tricks. Sturdy frames are prized over lightweight frames. They have the thickest tires for banging against the steel and concrete of the parks. They often come with pegs so the rider can stand on them to do tricks.

Dirt Track & Racing

On the other hand, the BMX bikes made for dirt tracks and racing tend to have much lighter frames and parts. The bikes are built for speed and agility rather than strength and resistance. They will have thinner tires with deeper treads for better grip on the dirt. They usually just have a rear brake.

Freestyle BMX is most likely the kind of BMX your young’n will be seeing around and wanting to do, so that’s what we will be looking at more seriously in this article.

Wheel Size

Of course, 10 year-olds come in different shapes and sizes, and that means their BMX should fit them specifically. However, generally, given the average 10 year-old is about 54″, you’re going to want a maximum wheel size of about 18″.


Remember, if your 10-year-old is doing freestyle BMX, they’ll want thicker tires to suit the purpose. Dirt track tires are lighter, thinner, and more knobbly. Racing tires are similar.

For the dirt-track BMXing, you really want to make sure the tires have low rolling resistance and lots of grip in the treads to maintain traction whilst diggin’ in the dirt. This is essential for the safety of your little one.


Again, this is dependent on the type of BMXing. Most BMXs come with a gyro or rotor fitted, which allows the brake cables that go from the wheels to the handlebars to detangle, allowing the rider to spin the handlebar. Most of the BMX bikes do come with a rear brake at least, but you may well want both brakes fitted to give your child the best stopping-power they can get.

You may also prefer that the BMX bike you choose has a linear pull’ brake rather than a U-brake’, as these are stronger when it comes to slowing the bike down.

Our Top 4 BMX Bikes for 10-year-old kids:

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike for kids

This is an awesome choice for kids wanting to ride BMX bikes. We recommend the 16-inch version for riders with a height of up to 3’6″. Higher you can go with the 20-inch version. It has a solid design and it is the first choice for us when you are looking at the ratings and the comments from buyers on Amazon through the link below you will see why we recommend Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX bikes for 10-year-old kids.

Haro Downtown 18″ 2019 BMX Stunt Bike (Freestyle)

A well-trusted brand, Haro released this beautiful 18″ wheel bike a couple years ago, but it remains top range. This is the bike your child dreamed of having. It has a gyro for doing tricks and comes in 2 different colours.

It may be heavy for a child given it’s hi-ten steel frame that gives the bike a 24lb weight overall, but that’s the price you pay for a tough, quality freestyle BMX.

Given their age, the price has now gone down to around $249.99. Shop around for a deal.

Often you can find this kids BMX bike for 10-year-olds on Amazon through this link below:

Jet BMX Yoof 16″ BMX Bike (Freestyle)

For the smaller 10-year-olds, this 16 ” wheeled Jet BMX is perfect. It’s only 21lbs, so your kid won’t struggle to maneuver it or pick it up after a fall.

It has a well-made steel frame and thick Innova tires.

Available for only $229.99 online.

Slater Gateway (Dirt Track)

For the little tyke that wants to rip up the dirt trails and race over jumps with his pals, the Slater Gateway is the best of the best. It comes in 16″ and 18″ wheel sizes and customizable gearing and forks.

Fully specced, it comes at a hefty price of $950.00 for 16″ wheels, but you can opt for a cheaper build for a lower price.

We hoped this helped you choose. Good luck and remember to get your kid a helmet before anything else!

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