What is an Electric Dirt Bike

Electric Dirt Bike

An electric dirt bike is the undisputed no emission and no kickstart off-roaders of the whole world. Whereas the normal gas-engine dirt bikes can often be noisy, these almost zero noise electric dirt bikes navigate off-road trails without disturbing the quiet of wild animals and nature on the path.

They are small and agile and have the power boost for hopping over rocks. They do well on the pavement, but the real thrill starts when they touch the loose dirt and gravel.

Enjoy nature with your electric dirt bike without the worry of too much maintenance. They only require 25 percent of the maintenance required for their gas powered counterparts. No need for spark plugs, oil changes, coolant and engine services.

Electric dirt bikes have also the luxury of easily changing one depleted battery out for a fresh one. This is because their batteries are not bulky at all. Additionally, there is no need to kickstart, unlike gan engined Dirt Bike.

Intrigued and interested? Here are some electric dirt bike recommendations to let you jump on that off-road trail:

Razor Dirt Bike Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross
Razor Dirt Bike

Razor Dirt Bike has real authentic McGrath graphics (inspired by the Motocross legend) and design, a distinctive dirt bike frame geometry, and a top torque variable speed motor for a thrill-filled experience.

It also has dual suspension and riser handlebars, a retractable kickstand, huge pneumatic knobby tires, and hand-controlled dual disc brakes. It’s not exactly customized for adults but it’s recommended for riders from ages 14 and upwards.

The Razor Dirt bike has a weight of 46 kg, with a maximum speed of 24 km per hour. Its battery runs for 40 minutes.

KTM Freeride E-XC
Electric Dirt Bike

Imagine a nice and fast electric bike that’s so quiet as it cruises. The KTM Freeride E-XC has WP suspension, advanced controls, energy recuperation technology, a multi-functional display, and a redesigned electric motor and power pack. It has scientific ergonomics and you’re due for a lot of joy for up to 2 hours per charge.

It has a weight of 111 kg, runs at a maximum speed of 96 Km per hour and the battery pack is good for 2 hours.

Cake Kalk OR Electric Bike
Electric Dirt Bike

It has a combined retro and futuristic design and also had exceptional performance. It is lovable because it is lightweight, clean, agile and quiet. A masterpiece with a subtle minimalist design that’s intended for off-road cruising that’s light to moderate.

It has a weight of 69 kg, and reaches maximum speeds of 80 Km per hour. Its battery can run up to 3 hours.

Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike
Electric Dirt Bike

When it debuted, it was an instant hit with the off road crowd. It weighs in at a relatively hefty 117 kg, recharges in only 1 and a half hours and gives you 50 horsepower of adrenaline. It has 3 different riding modes to choose from. Because of its high strength powertrain, this bike can reach a peak speed of 114 Km per hour. Alta Motors has stopped operations, so get this from the preused market.

Bultaco Brinco R Electric Dirt Bike
Electric Dirt Bike

It is an iconic classic even though it doesn’t have the adrenaline of some of its competitors. Its 3 riding modes are Eco, Tour and Sport and includes pedals if you want to revert to manual cycling and produce some cardio energy or just mainly to preserve your battery life. Just like a bike, add or decrease gearing ratio with the action of clicking with your heel (epicyclic gearing system).

There is a power control feature which permits you to maintain the same power level for a period, without using the throttle. It’s designed for the trails or the gravel, so don’t expect much on a paved road.

It has a weight of 39 kg, reaches maximum speeds of 59 Km per hour, and the battery allows you to travel up to 96 Km in Eco mode.

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