It was Cody Webb who was hailed champion at the Rekluse Clutch EnduroCross in Everett at Washington last October 14, 2017. All throughout the entirety of round four’s race, Webb had managed to maintain a wide margin up until the end. After the qualifiers, the top 13 riders had their way into the finals. Haaker eventually won the qualifiers which results in him earning bonus point. During the qualifier’s race, Webb and Haaker had a close fight but Webb went down in the river rock section allowing Haaker to win the race.

“I struggled with my starts all day today and my face was riding Colton’s rear tire going into the first turn, I am not sure if we locked bars but he was doing a stopie,” Webb said. “I tried to put in strong laps because I did not know what was going on with Colton and I know he rides strong all the way to end. It is great to get another win.”

The bracket race groups the top 12 riders into single lap head to head battles until the final two riders face off. In the fourth consecutive round, it was Webb and Haaker who ultimately faced off the track. Eager to win, Haaker was the one who had the earliest lead but was overtook by Webb sooner as he made an aggressive pass in the rock pile. Keeping the pace up, Webb ended the race thus resulting to a bonus point to compensate for the bonus point of Haaker in the qualifiers.

Chaotic is the right term to sum up the entirety of the main event. At the beginning, Haaker did a nose wheelie into the first turn as soon as he is close with another rider. Hart is on the lead during the first turn ahead of Spain’s Joan Pau Segura and Webb. A crash in the wood pit during lap one drove Haaker farther from the line. This is the result of his bad start. Forging ahead, Webb rode his way until he caught up to both Segura and Hart on lap three. Webb and Hart together took the joker lane in the beginning of the race thus giving them the leverage on the top two spots. This results to Webb having his third win in four races.

“This is kind of my home race since it is closest to my house in Canada,” told Hart. “It was so great to have so many of those fans and family come down here to cheer me on. And I got the holeshot and led for a little bit. I knew that Colton had not taken the joker lane yet when he passed me so I stayed as close as possible and got him back on the last lap.”

Haaker passed Hart on lap eleven but Haaker had not taken the joker lane yet. This heightens the final three laps. Haaker took his time and eventually rode the joker lane and Hart stayed just close behind to take the second spot on the final turn.

“I was down in the firewood section and stuck in somebody’s bike,” said Haaker. “I got a good start and when I put the brakes on I hooked handlebars with somebody and that put me into a nose wheelie. I rode the best I could and it wouldn’t have mattered (if I took the joker lane earlier), that what happens when you have to pass that many riders.”

Cory Graffunder rendered his best effort to have the fourth spot not letting the negativity of him being in the fourteenth at the end of lap one. Ty Tremaine completed the top five. He also suffered the same fate Graffunder being in 11th place at first lap. Beta’s Max Gerston is in sixth place despite having some injuries prior to this round’s race. Cooper Abbott with his Purvines DA8 Yamaha to seventh. A crash drove him back from a battle for fifth. Kyle Redmond is in eighth place, Noah Kepple in ninth and completing the top ten is Wally Palmer. Ty Cullins, Tyler Kinkade, Cody Miller, Quinn Wentzel and Segura finished 11th to 15th respectively.

With three events remaining, Webb had a ten-point lead over Haaker (101 to 91). Hart in third with 78, Redmond is fourth with 69 and Tremaine is fifth with 66 points.

In women’s class, Shelby Turner grabed her third win of the season. It might be considered as her easiest win despite suffering from a tip over in one of the tricky rock turns. Beta’s Morgan Tanke had a tight race with KTM’s Kacy Martinez but it was Martinez who finished second. Martinez also crashed on lap one but she quickly recovered.
In Vet class, Destry Abbott together with his Purvines, DA8 Yamaha won the category followed by Stephen Foord and Bill Baldwin in second and thirs respectively.

A Washington local won the Open Amateur main event. Joel Tonsgard abode his Beta. Shane Culbertson finished second and Kevin Dupuis in third place. In the Amateur B class, Ryan Middleton won on his Kawasaki. Max rokosh (Yamaha) and Nick Buechler (KTM) rounded out the podium.

In the TrialsCross main event, Anthony Johnson had another win with Jake Lackie and Ronald Ringuette, both Washington locals completed the podium.

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