An array of great riders were observed during the SuperEnduro World Championship but the ones that stood ouit above the restr are the trio of KTM; Cody Webb, Taddy Blazusiak and Jonny Walker. KTM is very eager to win this title especially with the three of them working for the same goal. It is also eminent the the return of Webb after a year of absence gave KTM a huge amount oh hope in winning the champiuonship title. In the Enduro Series, Webb came within two corners of being held the world champion 2016. Unmarked from his impressive race in EnduroCross, Webb is burning to come at Poland this Saturday and is clearly a force to be reckoned with.
“I’m hoping to come into the season with some strong momentum after winning the 2017 AMA EnduroCross championship,” said Webb.

“It was a shame Colton (Haaker) was forced to miss the last few rounds, so I’m looking forward to some good battles with him again, this time in Europe.

“The tracks in Europe are always a little different to those in the States so it will be good to get a chance to experience them again.

“There are also some top names entered this year so claiming the title won’t be easy, but I’m up for the challenge.”
Being in third in the overall series in 2017, Walker has been steadily improving since 2012. There are some injuries experienced in the last year’s series that caused him to slow down a bit but he didn’t let it ruin his upcoming performances. He switch from 250F into 350F midway through the year which proved to be a strategical advantage. This change resulted in him winning races and overall honors. In addition, he also won the Akrapovic SuperPole for the past two years.

“2017 has been a bit of an up-and-down year for me,” told Walker. “I’ve had some bad luck along the way, but throughout the season my pace and feeling on the bike has been good.
“I had a little crash during testing a few weeks ago and dislocated my thumb, it’s feeling a lot better now though so in Poland I should be close to 100%.

“I’ve come so close to winning the championship in the past, I’m sure that if everything goes well this year, I’m definitely in with a chance of taking the title.”
And the one completing the trio is Blazusiak who also returns in the action after a year off in the riding field. 12 months ago, he had won a heated battle with Haacker in Poland. It is to be expected that he will come and be blazing at the next race.
“Honestly, I’m looking forward to returning to racing but I don’t have any big expectation returning to SuperEnduro,” told Blazusiak.

“I’ve been doing the work, I’ve got plenty of motivation and I’m enjoying my riding, and importantly, I’m not injured or tired from a season of travelling.

“It’s a totally new feeling for me, but I’m ready to race in Poland. I know that when I get out on track the old magic will come back, but I also know that I haven’t raced in a long time.
“It’s going to feel a little strange because I said goodbye to racing in Poland and now I’ll be back there racing.”
The first round of the five rounds of the 2018 FIM SuperEnduro Championship will be held at Krakow, Poland on DFecember 6, 2017. The remaining four rounds will be set up in the next year.

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