Taking advantage of the unique features of electrical power, Yamaha takes on this advance technology motorcycle, the Yamaha TY-E.

The Yamaha TY-E is an advanced development deriving from the company’s “Evolving R & D” activities. The Senior General Manager of Yamaha Motorsport Development Division Kouichi Tsuji, weighs in on this new bike. “We do not know how long it will take to find the majority of motorcycles using battery power. We do know it will happen though so this is why we develop this bike.”

A notion of carbon fibre, SixONy Nano coating changing colours and great motor control energy, this bike is surely a must-see on Yamaha’s Booth in this year’s Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

We should mindful that the TY-E was the result of a slightly different R&D process than usual. Within Yamaha’s R&D departments, engineers are allowed to spend five percent of their working hours on pursuits outside of their usual R&D work and assignments.

High status

The Yamaha TY-E plays an important role and influence to Yamaha according to Kouichi Tsuji. By getting inspirations to MotoGP and lead examples with his good friend, Valentino Rossi, Tsuji makes sure that this bike is built for winning. Kouichi Tsuji said: added “MotoGP is very important to us, it takes a lot of investment to win the world championship. The TY-E has the same goal – we develop it to improve technology and win the world championship not to build production model.” From that point, fans can really say that the bike is about purely winning and technology improvement.

Prototype feels

The TY-E has a conventional trick up its sleeve making a huge difference to the riding experience: a hydraulic clutch. It transforms this electric bike into a trials bike with an electric motor. This bike is produced with progressive and responsive suspensions, carbon-fibre frame, sports powered brake, and a built-trial tool concept, this sixty-nine kilogram electric bike makes no mistake for a R&D production. Equipped with a mechanical clutch, the power in the throttle gives more grip and control similar to other great Yamaha motorcycles.

Pin sharp

The sharp- pin type throttle equipped is a bit awkward having delay or without transmission lag reacting to the back wheel. Way different from the switch, the action is more progressive as you control the throttle through steep hills, hard rock formations with this 250cc e-bike.

SixONy Nano-film coating

The coating applied to TY-E appears to be a rich blue colour with a state-of-the-art SixONY Nano-film. That includes front and rear fenders, steering and triple clamps, engine cases, swingarm and all covers.

SixONy is a highly resistant coating capable of withstanding up to 700°C or -50°C temperatures. It is also salt water and acid resistant plus it improves the hardness of the base material it is applied to.

High performance battery

The question for battery usage and expectancy are always a question when it comes to electric bike. Rather than a risk, Yamaha productions take it even more as a challenge. The high-powered lithium battery gives a lighter weight but still great power.  The Yamaha TY-E is operating at that same pinnacle of motorsports where technology is pushed to further development.


When will we see this technology on any bike? “I don’t know, nobody knows.” Says Tsuji-san. “We do not know how long it will take to find the majority of motorcycles using battery power. We do know it will happen though so this is why we develop this bike to progress development.”

As far as Yamaha TY-E performance and overall specifications are concerned, the development of this takes more exploration on technology and trends which makes a formula on not just winning, but winning a world championsip.

And there’s the nub of it: this is where future Yamaha e-bikes is will develop from. The TY-E is a development prototype equally built to explore technology, take the next step in e-bikes and at the same time be a very specific tool to win a world championship.

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