The 2019 Gas Gas Enduro model launch brought changes to the EC and XC models and a brand new, every rider friendly, ECR ‘Ranger’ – a Gas Gas for the masses.

A Gas Gas for the masses. The company from Girona offers up a 2019 Gas Gas Enduro model that brought changes to the EC and XC models, the Gas Gas ECRanger

Gas Gas Motors launched its 2019 ECRanger adapting a go-anywhere bike to the demands of today’s riders setting up small changes to the main EC and XC Enduro range. The idea of this bike is to provide a suitable, easier to ride, and flawless experience to riders in a light Enduro or trail courses.

Not just for giving absolute quality and a softer version of EC/XC Enduro models, ECRanger also provides affordability with a value at around €1000/£1000 less


Breakdown of Quality Points

Provides Affordability to riders

Same chassis and engine with EC and XC models

Detuned KYB Suspension for softer feel

Lowered seat height with 40mm

New exhaust system designed for more torque and less top end power

Michelin Enduro tyres and EC/XC rims

Distinctive white colour scheme


Let’s give it a try to ride

Very much of Gas Gas, ECRanger quickly feels familiar with other models characterizing the common denominators on the production of the company. The biggest difference when sitting on the seat is how much lower and softer it feels. 40mm lower as you plonk bodyweight on the seat it drops more comfortably than the stiffer EC models and this is part of the point with the ECR.

ECRanger shows itself as no slouch grasping out in to wooded test area and rough roads. The suspensions are softer and the stance of the bike sums up comfortability.

The suspension has great movement in a narrow test course with testing up specifications like braking hard, flat turns and low ramps. A 120 rear type is a good inclusion of this model too.

The cheaper cost of this model affects up the branded brakes with J Juan that are less powerful and precise compared to EC Models that has Nissins break in placed. But overall, it is surely a user-friendly and a great work though.


Softer power delivery

This 300cc motorcycle turned into a more user-friendly machine with its exhaust system doing the hard work transforming. A tweaked cylinder head is also helping produce more torque but less top-end power.


Gas Gas changed the power delivery to be linear and have a lower down torque power  for adaptable handling to riders and for new riders.

Slight weight gain

Gas Gas Ranger (105 kilograms) and EC300 (107 kilograms) mass weight doesn’t really make a difference because the suspensions are softer and the power character are not too bad at all.  .


Alongside the EC300

Riding back-to-back with Gas Gas’s 2019 250 and 300EC models showed the differences were there but not so great that you couldn’t seriously consider this as a bike to go racing on.  It was easier to ride the Ranger that the EC300 in a tight woods sections because of its power delivery and less likely to rip rear tyre grip away from the backside. You’re not going to be blasting out fast laps on the MX/Cross test like you can on the EC models but the kind of person who’s going to buy this bike isn’t doing that anyhow.


No kickstart as standard

The Ranger only has one starting system, and that is electrical start system. Although it is proven reliable, the kick start may or should be provided even Gas Gas are now equipped with new and stronger battery as standard.  But it is a worry some riders have and a legitimate one for less fit riders who might go out riding on a Sunday and find themselves miles from anywhere and stuck in a rut. This kind of bike naturally lends itself to trail riding and single track rather than all-out competition and will attract some criticism for not having a kick start. Well, you’ll pay more if you want to.

Trail friendly

“When I go out on a Sunday with my friends for single track riding, mountain riding with some road work between trails and a coffee stop this is the bike I need.”  The statement Miki Arpa, a former pro-enduro rider said on what on his thoughts to this new Gas Gas model.



It’s a no question that Gas Gas Motors comes up model with a comfortable and practical for any use. They may have succeeded if it aims to make this new model a genuinely useful alternative to the full-on race bikes. Above all easy to handle and suitable for any type of rider, the company formulated an opportunities to new generations of motorcycles and reaching new horizons.


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