Two-strokes have been the talk of many dirt bikes enthusiasts and riders all around the globe. Word that these type of bike are not making a return to the field. On the other hand, this false statements circulating and spreading like a fire have been proven as some of the most prominent and well known brands are continuing to put up for sale their own two strokes. For example, the KTM maintains a constant production each year. Yamaha and Gas Gas both have stated that their two strokes aren’t going anywhere. And peculiarly, a company named Husaberg that started their industry in making lightweight four-strokes is currently producing two-strokes only.

Of all the mentioned companies and manufacturers above, the biggest supplier and seller of two-strokes is your own personal computer. In the digital world where we live in, the internet is one place where you can find different things that are within your range of interests. With just a simple click, you can already purchase anything that you want. With this, the process of buying will be hassle free. For the past 10 years, the development of two-strokes has been sluggish and that means that you can get an up to date motorcycle that just happens to be more than a few years old.

Here are a list of top 10 two-stroke bikes that are a must seek in the market.


  1. SUZUKI RM250, 2003 – 2008

Price is what makes the SUZUKI RM250 rise up to the top of this list. Once year 2008 passed, the bike was discontinued and as a result the prices are low at the moment. The price is around $2000 in first-rate state. A lot of producers were dropping out around this time and the ones that were constantly battling for the top 250 two-stroke honors in the MX world are Suzuki and Yamaha. Some of the concerns in the earlier years include the mild jetting but on the contrary, the suspension was excellent, the motors were fast and they were consistent.

  1. KTM 300, 2004 & LATER

If you are looking for the finest bike intended for racing as well as riding on rigid trials, the KTM 300 is considered by a lot of riders presently. On the year 2004, the bike underwent a noteworthy update but even so, the ones that were made around 2000 up to 2003 were also pretty good. The two editions were the EXC and the MXC, the concluding of which had additional desert-oriented gearing. These days they have been renamed the XC-W and XC. One of its most important modifications was the electric starter option in 2008. Costs have a tendency to be a little elevated for used KTM two-strokes; however you will get it all back at resale moment in time.

  1. YAMAHA YZ250, 2005 & LATER

Yamaha previously had the most outstanding Japanese 250 two-stroke at the time when the other manufacturers went out in the business. During 2005, the YZ acquired its own back bone aluminum frame that it keeps hold off to this day. With this in mind, whichever model starting from the past seven years is valuable. Ever since then, the fork is the single piece that was enhanced considerably. Best suited for motocross even greater than the KTM.

  1. KTM 250, 2004 & LATER

In contrast to the reputation of the 300, the KTM 250 is as indistinguishable to it. Up to the present day, it is hailed as the fastest 250 two-stroke that a person can search for. The consistent rough patch of the KTM two-strokes has always been its suspension until now. The EXC editions, which in due time renamed as the the XC-W line, are the off-road models and are amazingly excellent, deficient simply on the smooth bottom end power of the 300.

  1. HONDA CR250R, 2000, 2001

It appears strange to remove these years as the best Honda CR250Rs however, it is factual. The whole thing came collectively intended for the Honda during the year 2001–it had a new-fangled frame in addition to an older motor. The 2000 edition was more or less identical. Despite of these, there are more than a few riders that will want to have the Honda CR250R.

  1. HONDA CR250R, 2002-2007

During the year 2002, Honda provided the 250 an electronic power control device, although they by no means ever completely expanded the design. The motor became a little lazier than the one it substituted. The framework, in contrast, was great. It had an up-to-the-minute frame as well as suspension that remain a great handler meant for equally motocross and off-road. Honda proclaimed that it would no longer construct two-stroke following the year 2007, although the development of the models had stopped up years prior to that.

  1. YAMAHA YZ125, 2005 & LATER

It remains the finest 125 motocross bike, although it hasn’t altered in several years. The aluminum frame appears during 2005, however previous versions were exceptional. Yamaha was by no means ever the fastest 125. It was always the KTM that hold that title. But the Yamaha’s advantage is it is the best handling and best suspended.

  1. GAS-GAS 250 & 300, 2000 & LATER

It seems that the two-stroke models of the Gas Gas were made for off-roads and they were great. However, the company went all the way through four diverse importers within 10 years, furthermore, accessibility was spotty. At some point in time, not any bikes were delivered the U.S. by any means. If ever you can come across one, some of them are still dependable bikes, and parts availability isn’t so awful.

  1. KAWASAKI KX500, 2000-2004

Considered by a lot of people and bike enthusiasts to be the greatest desert racer of all time. It can initiate starting the line as well as get up to speed quicker than several up to date bike. The bike didn’t change in the past, so on the used market, it’s all in relation to situation, not vintage.

  1. HONDA CR500R, 2001

Rounding up the list is the CR500R. The bike itself didn’t change that much compared to the previous years. The Honda 500 is in all probability the most consistent dirt bike ever completed. The motor could handle dirt through the pound and still run; in addition to the cylinder’s iron liner could be re-bored as it wore. Honda was most likely a superior motocross bike compared to its everlasting rival, the Kawasaki KX500, however it never attained the similar compliments as an off-road bike.


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