The Main Reasons Why You Should Drive Extra Carefully Around Trucks

Truck drivers spend anywhere between 6-8 hours per day on the road. All that time, they are at risk of having an accident. The biggest problem is that many drivers don’t realize how large these trucks really are and may not adjust their driving accordingly. Here are some reasons why you should drive extra carefully around trucks.

Truckers Are Professionals Who Make Their Living On The Road

They are human beings with human limits. Driving long distances is exhausting, especially if you aren’t used to it or don’t handle it well. In fact, falling asleep at the wheel contributes to thousands of fatal crashes each year, according to the NHTSA. According to a Colorado distracted driver truck accident lawyer, if you are involved in an accident that caused the injury, you can contact a legal professional to get justice. Sleeping at the wheel is just one type of distraction that can lead to a serious accident. Other distractions include texting, listening to loud music, or taking part in other distracting activities that take eyes and/or hands off the wheel.

All it takes is one moment of distraction behind the wheel to change lives forever, causing them to end up in a lawyer’s office. Not only is a person’s life forever changed after a serious accident, but the victims will also be left with serious medical costs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that those who survive truck accidents often end up with severe injuries that require expensive treatment.

Trucks Have Large Blind Spots That Hide Other Vehicles And Obstacles Behind Them. 

It is important for drivers to understand these blind spots before driving near 18-wheelers. The truck’s blind spots are behind the truck, in front of it, and on both sides. If you stay out of the side-view mirrors of a large truck, then your vehicle may slip into what they call the “No-Zone.” This area is a truck’s blind spot or the area where a truck driver cannot see your vehicle.

Take extra caution when you are in these areas around trucks. There is nothing more important than the safety of your life and that of others on the road. By taking extra precautions when near large vehicles like 18-wheelers, you can help to prevent a hazardous situation from occurring. 

Trucks Can Create Problems When They Turn

Trucks need much more space to turn because it is difficult for them to maneuver. When you are driving your car around a truck, be sure not to crowd the truck, give it plenty of room so that it can complete its turn. The larger the vehicle, the longer it takes for them to slow down and speed up again after braking and turning at intersections. It is always best to leave plenty of stopping distance between your car and large trucks on both city streets as well as highways. Additionally, If there are multiple cars near a semi-truck,  the trucker cannot see as well and thus becomes distracted.

When passing a large vehicle on a two-lane street, make sure you pass quickly and safely without coming too close because if the truck decides to turn you will not have enough time or distance to brake or swerve out of its way in case there is an emergency situation. If you must get in front of a large vehicle, do so at a decent speed and pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. You should not drive alongside any commercial motor vehicle unless you are going the same direction they are headed.

If you have stopped at an intersection and cannot get out of another driver’s way because a truck is blocking your path, be sure to stay behind the truck until there is enough room for you to pull away from it without endangering yourself or other drivers on the road. 

They Are Large With Heavy Weights

The front of the truck is very large. So when you are pulling into a spot next to one, be sure that you are giving the driver plenty of room. They need extra room to stop their vehicles without hitting yours or any other cars around them. Also, if they are backing up into an alley or doing any other maneuver where you cannot see them directly, make sure not to follow too closely behind them because it could lead to an accident. Be mindful of these things and try your best to avoid dangerous situations involving trucks. Trucks Are Not Toys You Can Imitate

You should never imitate the way a truck operates. Trucks are big and heavy, not like regular cars. They need more room to operate properly than smaller vehicles, so they take longer to speed up or slow down. Just like bikes, pedestrians, motorcycles, and mopeds, you should never try to pass these types of vehicles on two-lane roads because it leaves them little space to maneuver in case something does go wrong. If you follow the rules of the road for all drivers, then you will stay safe around trucks.

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