The Main Distractions On The Road And How To Avoid Them

Driving is an essential but dangerous task for multitudes of people all over the world. Whether you are commuting to work, taking the kids to school, or going on a family vacation, there are many distractions that could potentially take your attention away from the road. This blog post discusses some of the major reasons and offers suggestions on how to avoid them so that drivers stay safe while operating their vehicles.


If children keep themselves occupied during car journeys they are less likely to cause an accident. Should they become fractious or demand your attention, it can create a fatal risk for your family and everyone else on the road. Keep your kids safe by placing them away from any item which could cause serious injury such as sharp objects, knives, etc. Children should use seat belts at all times, otherwise, they can become deadly projectiles during an accident!

The internet is a rich resource to draw on when studying this general subject. You can find auto accident statistics and articles discussing aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and head-on collisions. There’s also often information about hiring a lawyer after an accident or filing car insurance claims.


Pets in cars can be a massive distraction and in some cases, they should not be in the car in the first place. Dogs can cause accidents if they distract the driver, acting out of excitement, or moving around too much.

Make sure your pet is kept securely in place alongside a comforting blanket, with some familiar toys to chew on.

Cell Phones

Mobile phones have become central to our lives, yet they can be a major distraction on the road. People shouldn’t hold them to make calls while they are driving, and should never text whilst at the wheel. Things like social media and sound notifications all entice people to turn to their phones, putting peoples’ lives at risk. You should keep your phone to one side and turn off the notifications before you set out on your journey. If you need to make a call while driving, use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone instead of holding your phone up to your ear. Having said that, research shows that even this method reduces driver concentration.  

Texting and social media can also lead to accidents with pedestrians who may be distracted by their own devices. People should always stay alert when walking along roads where vehicles are present. Distractions like listening to loud music through headphones could make you less aware of approaching cars.

Scenery And Surroundings

The view can be a very big distraction because we want to see everything and take it all in, especially during vacations. If you can, share the driving with your partner so that you each have specific times when you can look out of the window without causing any danger to your passengers.

Sometimes accidents cause more accidents, for instance through blocked lanes, extra road signs, and unexpected queues. If you see an accident on the road, don’t spend vital driving moments looking sideways at the damaged vehicles or ambulances/Police vehicles.

Other Drivers

Other drivers can be a distraction, for instance when they’re flashing their lights or tooting their horns out of exasperation. They may be demonstrating road rage, dangerously tailgating your car, or violating general road rules.

If a custom car drives near you or an impressively huge vehicle, avoid the temptation to let it take your attention.


Playing music in the car can be a great way to break the monotony of driving, especially during long journeys or when the traffic is slow. Having said that, keep the volume low so that you don’t miss any important sounds coming from outside the car.

Don’t spend time adjusting the player controls or swapping CDs as these activities can be dangerous.

Maps And GPS Systems

Many people keep paper maps on the passenger’s seat and try to refer to them while driving – this is a dangerous occupation, needless to say. If you have a GPS on your windshield, try to rely on the audible instructions rather than looking at the visible maps.

These have been some of the major distractions people experience on the road. Some people try to keep food or drinks on their laps or even try to groom themselves using the rearview mirror. Always keep your eyes fixed on the road and this way you will be safeguarding your life, the life of your precious family, and also those who are sharing the road with you.

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