The Better System For Enduro Motorsports Betting

Betting is quite exciting especially when you are actually winning. This is due to the basic fact that everybody loves winning and hates losing. It is the reason why we should learn the type of the system of betting that will maximize your winning and will minimize loses in the process of bookmaking. In this article, we will compare and contrast the two basic types of motorsports betting. We will discuss in great detail the concept of straight betting and parlay betting. We will analyze which of the two systems is advantageous for people entering the art, science of motorsports gaming.

Straight Betting

                Straight betting is one of the most common types of bookmaking in sports games.  It can be applied to endure motorsports wagering. You can simply apply this type of staking by actually creating a spread within the odds of winning by a specific number of points. Since endure motorsports are based primarily on the amount of score the participants receive during the event, you can set a spread wherein the winner beats its strongest competitor by certain number of score points.

The score is computed based on the performance of the riders with a very strict regulation and time schedule keeping that prescribes the riders to be at a certain mileage per hour in order to win the game. If the rider reaches the checkpoint early, he will be penalized and the score will be diminished. If he reaches the checkpoint late, he will also be penalized and the score will be deducted. At the end of the event, scores are computed. These scores will become the basis for the endure motorsports wagering.

If you set a bet at 5 points in favor of the winning rider, then the rider must win by more than 5 points from its closest competitor. If he doesn’t then you lose. If the rider wins by only 5 points, then you will just get your money back in full. It serves as a refund. You gain nothing the same way as you don’t lose something. You can set the betting game at +55. This means that for every $55 you bet, you can possibly gain $50. The $5 difference is for the fee of the bookmaker. It is hard to win at a straight bet but on the long run, it mitigates the risk of losing a large amount of money as compared to parlay betting.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is also one of the most common types of sports wagering. Unlike straight betting, the risk of this type of bookmaking is way much higher. However, it can also lead to a higher amount of winnings. This works by wagering money on groups of riders and not betting individually. Stakes are way much higher. This means that you can earn more money from this type of bookmaking. You should also keep in mind however, that you could also lose lots of money if the team of racers you chose both loses. In the long run, straight betting is a safer type of wagering than parlay betting.


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